Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Screen Porch Divan

Enough talk. You are ready for pictures, aren't ya? Okie doke. Here ya go:
2010January26_Divan 005
Yes. The fabric, chosen in the 90's, is quite lively, isn't it? I bought this sofa at an estate sale and it had lived on the family's screen porch for generations. It had 3 or 4 layers of fabric on it when I dragged it off the old homestead. I took it to a professional furniture restorer. He later told me that as he stripped the layers of fabric off, he found chicken bones in there. I'm hoping they were of the fried chicken variety. I'd hate to think a feathered friend met his demise in the springs of this family heirloom.

When you remove the back cushion, this is what it looks like. See? This divan has a back and arms, as opposed to my scrap yard rescue piece.
2010January26_Divan 007
You are still freaking out over that fabric aren't you? Me, too. It seemed like a good idea at the time! Upon pulling the front portion up and forward, you see this.
2010January26_Divan 009
That blue fabric wasn't my choice, but, it is never seen and it serves as protection. The springs are directly under the fabric. The next step, is to lay the back cushion over the blue section.
2010January26_Divan 010
If you look closely, you will see that the back portion sits a little higher than the front. The restorer, apparently didn't notice, or think it was important when he was reworking the cushion. (I did insist that he use the original springs and hardware. I just roll that way, wanting things authentic.) But, he overdid it on the foam and I didn't realize it when I first got it back.

The reason that is important, is because when it comes to sleeping on this divan, there is a noticeable difference between one side and the other. Soooo....
2010January26_Divan 013
I throw a mattress on top to make the difference less noticeable. The mattress is not as wide as the surface, so I get this dead space.
2010January26_Divan 012
It is the perfect space for pillows. From here on, don't even begin to think that I am trying to impress you with what I put on the divan. I'm just throwing out an example of what can be done. The spread that I had on it was in the washing machine when I tackled this endeavor of taking pictures. Perhaps another day, I'll dress it differently and show you.
2010January26_Divan 014
The throw pillows fit perfectly in that left over area, and, they keep me from rolling into the cold metal of the back or the brick wall, if I happen to be tossing and turning.

Truth be known, I usually leave it in the down position. It makes for great lounging.

So, there you have it. This divan has very much the same bones as the scrap yard piece I rescued last week. Only, the one on my screened porch has this lovely fabric. Yee haw!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. WHOO HOO!!! I'm movin' in!!!!!!

    I like your divan... and it wouldn't be as much fun without some chicken bones or un-even cushions now would it? Everything has to have a story...

    Okay - so - thanks for the bed! See ya in a little bit!!! hee hee hee hee

    ;-) robelyn

  2. Robelyn, every time I have a party, and I start looking for my friend, Staci...I know exactly where I'll find her. She loves my screened in porch with comfy lounging. You might have to share with her! ~Mindy

  3. That's looks like a comfy spot!!! Lezlee

  4. May have to start calling you the Divan Diva!

  5. If the worst thing you found was chicken bones in my "divan" I'd call it a good day..

  6. Comfy is comfy and who knows?! that fabric could be making a comeback!!

  7. That's lots of extra room for company! Or lounging like you said. The fabric is just 'vintage'. I'm still wondering what the story is behind the chicken bones.


  8. It looks comfy, and that's all that really matters! Besides, it has good bones, and no, not of the chicken variety! ;-)

    Hey, who scored the chair from the other day?


  9. Anne, last I heard, the chair was still there. You burnin' rubber to come get it? ;-)


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