Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Red.Neck Chic Hog

Most of you know I have chickens and cats. But, did you know I got myself a Hog? It's true. A Robelyn, Red.Neck Chic special called The Hog. Check out my kick booty, hogalicious purse.
Hog 014
Hog 013
Robelyn. Here's her etsy store. Here's her website. Here's her blog. After enjoying lunch with this entrepreneur Saturday, I was reminded why I like this red.neck. She is good. She has dreams and she has plans. And she makes a bag that is well made, great looking and hardy. Oh, look! I found the history of the hog line of purses. Very entertaining and educational reading.

I've been carrying my Hog for a few months now. There are pockets where I need pockets. The straps are a good length for me. Nothing has fallen off, torn or disappointed me. I am happy. Happy. Happy!

I love nothing more than supporting people I can see with my own two eyes. Those children in foreign countries can throw something together that I can use short term, but this Texas girl sold me with this well made, American made Hog. No worries, far away peeps. She ships!

See what you can do to support her, too. I don't think we've seen the last of this fireball. Oink! Oink!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That purse screams Texas! I'm off to check out the links...

  2. She's quite the chic chick! I cried big piggy tears when Dawn won my purse. boo hoo. Love yours!

  3. It's pretty and well made and local (for you) and all things good. It must feel good to carry such a hog!

  4. I adore it! Bet you get lots of ladies complimenting it and asking where you got it.

  5. grunt - oink - LOLOL Thank you SEW much!!! I had tons of piggy fun makin' that for you!!! Ya'll just wait though... Mindy has a whole LINE of bags coming out in her honor... they will debut in March! There'll be some rust... some bling... and a whole lotta Mindy fun! hee-hee

    I would go on strike though if I were you... that thing doesn't have any duct tape on it...
    Thanks Again!

    ;-) robelyn

  6. Aren't they great. I hope to someday have one as a diaper bag.. When I can leave the house and show it to someone other than the doctors office. LOL..

  7. Wow! Now that is what I call a purse!

    Robelyn rocks!

  8. Mindy,
    When I first saw the heading for your post...Hog..I was thinkin and imagining you going thriftin on a "Hog" motorcycle!! Oh my!! I know THIS hog is prettier and so much more stylish...Just perfect for those thrifty pickin days or a fun boot scootin night out on the town! Have a great weekend

  9. I love Robelyn's purses...I gotta get me one!!!

  10. That purse is VERY impressive.

  11. I'm glad y'all are liking them. She is working on a new line, so keep an eye on her etsy. ~Mindy

  12. Mindy, I left a comment last night, but I guess Blogger didn't approve! Here goes another try!
    Nobody puts Baby in the just had to be said!

  13. That Robelyn is sumpin else! We all need to keep our eyes on her. She might be the most excitin thing Waco has had in forever!

  14. I'm overdue for one of Robelyn's Hog purses!
    I mean, who needs a generic old Dooney and Bourke or Coach, when you can carry one of these bad boys around, right? ;-)



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