Monday, February 1, 2010


What a weekend! David and I went to Winnie & Tulula's Saturday to decorate the front window...
2010January30_Winnie & Tulula's 004
2010January30_Winnie & Tulula's 005
...and to do a reset on my space. Who loves the conveyer belt? Raise your hand.
2010January30_Winnie & Tulula's 009
This is my very own harvest table. I'll miss it, but it has been replaced with a bigger table in my home.
2010January30_Winnie & Tulula's 007
Click here to view the pictures David took.
2010January30_Winnie & Tulula's 006
After leaving Athens, we were headed home when my truck decided to tucker out. We managed to get off the highway and into a safe parking lot. Whew! AAA pulled through with a wrecker and we got home with Big Red in tow.

David discovered new, untapped talents Sunday morning when he installed a new alternator and replaced a belt, just for grins.
2010January31_David and stuff 004
Here he comes to save the day!
What good spirits he had!

Sunday afternoon, I got some new stock in at Primitiques. Check out this 20 drawer, primitive cabinet. Way cool!
2010February1_Primitiques 013

I got this great re-worked sewing cabinet table in. Super clean.

2010February1_Primitiques 010

It sold first thing this morning. Yee haw!

Also this morning, I posted my Freebie Monday post on facebook and was working on the blog post when I was contacted by the store. The box of goodies was already gone! It was a box of old, broken and chipped plates, bowls and cups. Congrats to that facebook customer! She was thrilled!
2010February1_Primitiques 008
I may do this free thing randomly, haven't decided. Maybe consistency is better? You local folks can weigh in on this if you'd like. Free Fridays? Sumpin' Sumpin' Saturdays? Freebie Mondays? I know some of you aren't close, so Saturday might be a more fair situation. hmm

By the way, I understand that someone was coming in to pick up the free chair from last week. She had some plans for it, from what I hear. Hope she made it. It's headed for the burn pile if she didn't!

Soooo, there you have it. My "Whew Weekend!"

Happy Monday! ~Mindy


  1. Pretty window, awesome stuff! You are busy people girl!

  2. I love the window! Yall did a great job. I was planning on going to Winnie and Tululas Wednesday and working on my booth if the weather permits, I think there is a chance for more rain. I love your primitive cabinet, lots of drawers to hide things in.

  3. Window looks great.. What you are going to burn a chair.. Don't you have all the pieces to it?.? :0

  4. Thanks y'all! We had fun throwing it together. David is really, really good at this stuff!

    Jenn, the chair is missing a part of the back/top. I rescued one hunk out of the road, but missed another. Best bet would be to cut the arms off and make it a cool stool. I'm not sure what the lady (who mentioned coming to get it) has in mind.

    Daphne, aren't you due for a visit to Poetry?


  5. I love the conveyor belt! it all looks so good.
    Glad you had AAA roadside svc and not u-haul! xo

  6. I've been trying to find out what the bucket conveyor belt was used for. As best as I can figure, this is called an "elevator conveyor belt" and is used to lift loose materials (most likely grain) straight up. Here is a picture of it's modern (plastic bucket) counterpart...

  7. I have my hand raised in the air and I'm waving it around like a mad woman!!! Girl - I'm all about your window display! That looks FANTASTIC!!! I'm glad Big Red is fixed back up courtesy of magic fingers David so that you can fill it up with more cool junk - like the big cabinet with all the drawers...

    heehee HA!
    Have a good one!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  8. I love your stuff! If I had money and lived in Texas, I would so be a regular customer.


  9. Mindy, your window at W&T's looks fabulous! I love what you did. And I see those white metal baskets right there on the left, the ones I'm coveting...

  10. Zita, are you coming to Texas for the spring show? Want me to set them aside for you? I know how you hate to miss out on things by passing them the first time you see them! haha

  11. The conveyor belt is amazing! All the displays are looking great!!


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