Friday, January 15, 2010

But, I meant to buy a hair dryer...

I don't want to be skeptical. I want to trust people. It's probably a flaw, wanting so badly to trust people. David and I hit a garage sale recently, and I saw what I believed was a hair dryer for sale. I held it up, asked the price, then inquired if it worked. She, the lady with the Kate Gosselin hairstyle (pre-weave), looked me in the eye and said "Yes. You can plug it in if you'd like."

She said it worked. No clauses added. No exceptions. She didn't blink or look away when she answered me. Straight out, eye to eye contact, without flinching. No discussion at all.

I asked no further questions. Why? Because I trusted her. I didn't ask, how does it work? How long does it work? When you say "work" can you tell me, in full description, what that does and does not mean?

All things, of course, I would have figured out, had I just plugged it in. But, Nooooo! I wanted to trust this total stranger selling stuff out of a garage.

Here it is, my one dollar investment.
Not as it seems
For the record, it is not a hair dryer. It is a hand held fan. Not a heater. Not a hair dryer. A cool air blowing, hand held fan. And it works.

In addition to the above mentioned investment, ironically, I also bought a hand-carved, made in Jordan, nativity for three bucks.

But, make that four bucks, cuz I didn't need a hand held fan.

Do you have a "But I meant to buy...." story? Or issues with trusting total strangers?

Happy Weekend!

ps. If you are looking for a koozie, one might be closer than you think. Go Cowboys!


  1. Yep,
    Bet that has happen to more people that we'd care to know. Fortunately, I've never been burned really really bad..a dollar or two is all..but why on earth don't people fess up and tell the truth...there's always someone out there that would love the challege of fixing what I don't want ..But I do want to know if I am buying a fixer-upper or even a dud! Somehow getting that awesome deal on the hand carved nativity doesn't make up for being slided on the air fan...guess from now on you'll be plugging 'er in before cashing out. Hope you get something for free on your next junkin outing!

  2. Grrrr. I hate it when people do that. I just don't understand it. I'm one of those people who will point out a tiny chip on something I'm selling at a yard sale. They'll have it in one hand, dime in the other and I'll say, "You know that it has a nick?" They thank me for pointing out and quietly put it back. LOL

  3. The nativity set sounds like it is certainly worth $4!!!
    :) Laura

  4. It totally is. I just got a hand held fan with it, thrown in, like a bonus! The nativity is 4 pieces, Joseph, Mary, Jesus and the crib. Beautiful. And I'm actually thrilled to have only paid $1 a piece. I'm good with it. ~Mindy

  5. the rant and rave section of craigslist - usually works wonders for relieving frustrations in situations such as this ...

    don't forget the pics ...

    yeah, it blows when that happens..


  6. For clarification, yes. It is a hair dryer. The heating element, apparently, is fried. Bummer! ~Mindy

  7. I never question people when they tell me something. Total trust. I figure they have no reason to lie to me. My hubs just shakes his head. But most of the time I find people are worthy of trust. You may need that fan some hot summer day, hee hee.

  8. Mindy, I ditto David's comment. But, what is that fabulous background that you photographed that dud on? It's fabulous!

  9. Awww...I hate when stuff like this happens! At least you got a great nativity set! :)

  10. Maybe she bought it that way too and was trying to get her money back...tee hee sorry Mindy.
    David is so in every crowd. LOL

  11. Ditto David. LOLOLOLOLOL I am laughing - that's all I've got. LOLOLOLOLOL

    And yeah - I always get into trouble 'cause I'm naive and trusting, but that's me, so... sometimes I think later about car accidents and bedroom issues.... makes me feel better. haha heehee haha!!!

    TOTALLY blows. ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  12. What's the point of a hair dryer without heat? Why would they bother selling it? SOME PEOPLE!

    Glad you at least got the nativity. I would have trusted her too. I'm one of those people that keep thinking the the best about others for far longer than is reasonable or sane.

  13. Caveat emptor is the rule for all garage sales. I'd probably cut off the power cord for later use and remember that a new dryer with a warranty and return policy is only $10 at Walmart. A vacuum cleaner is one of the few things that you by at a garage sale that you hope sucks.

    No mo for Romo! Cowboys have over stayed in the Playoffs already. A faint voice from the tundra.

  14. Mindy, I've had the same thing happen to me before, but it was a fan they said it works and it did but the noise was so loud you could'nt use it.

  15. Don't get me started. David said it perfectly. ~LA

  16. are still a better person for trusting. But honestly, remember the adage YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. In this case $1. keep on never know what you'll end up with next! xoox

  17. We took it apart and got a dollar's worth of junk pumpkin parts! At least I'm going to think positively and say they're worth a dollar. That switch is going to make a great pair of bright red pumpkin lips! All's well that ends well!

  18. She technically didn't lie to you. She said it worked, and it does. Just not the way you wanted it to.
    It isn't a matter of trusting people. She said you could plug it in and test it. And you chose not to.
    Now she could have said the heat didn't work. But she probably didn't care.
    The lesson learned is to think through the possibilities.
    I will compliment you on the idea of the hair dryer parts and the pumpkin.


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