Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today, I was headed to Primitiques to take pictures of some paint by numbers art that I recently acquired. (Here are the pics, if you are inclined.)

As I drove the 5 minute drive, putting on makeup and taking care not to run over any loose livestock, I happened to observe the vehicle on the road in front of me. Travelling in the same direction. A truck, towing a trailer. The trailer was chock full of metal items. This fella was headed to the scrap yard. Oh no! I had to stop him! I was eyeballing stuff and drooling and then I got goofy and took a picture from inside my truck as I was driving. See that cot looking thing with springs on top? I really wanted it.
2010January21-scrap 001
Crazy! I had all but lipstick on, so I decided it was safe. I pulled up next to him, into the lane that would have oncoming traffic, had there been oncoming traffic, and I made eye contact. The driver unrolled his window and I commenced to yell out that I wanted to buy some stuff out of his truck. Bless his heart, he pulled over and let me pick away. I threw out a price, he looked at his wife like I was nuts, and he started removing the tow chain keeping all the goodies from flying.

Here is the nice man bringing some goods to my truck.
2010January21-scrap 003
And remember that cot looking thing I mentioned on top of the heap? I got it.
2010January21-scrap 018
I have been giggling all day long. And the best part? He and his wife have a barn. A barn which is full of lots of old stuff that I might like, she said. he he he We exchanged names, phone numbers and handshakes and I very much look forward to checking out their barn in the near future.

This approach was new for me. But, you can bet I will gladly do this again. Good times on the country roads of Poetry, Texas!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Now that's some good rusty stuff! I'm just laughing at the whole episode, though...Lezlee

  2. Well, all I can say is this...good thing there wasn't a cop around! :) Good haul!

  3. Wow Mindy! you are a girl after my own heart!!!
    I love it, are you going to make some signs that you can hold up while driving on the freeway? Like pull over hey can I see your junk? he-he Have fun junking. sandi

  4. Mindy, you make me smile. WTG!

  5. You are too crazy! I think you came to close to falling off the deep end! But you just found a new junk spot and a funny story to boot!

  6. gurl! i got one word: hysterical! think of the story that couple will be telling for-ever! by this time next year you'll be telling us how they came to Christmas dinner! i don't think you'll have "plastic envy" anytime soon...problem is, i can't think of a thing to do with those tacky little fans! although tulle and seam binding keep screaming at me...
    p.s. that blog delay on FB stinks! feel like i'm always the last to know!

  7. That is too funny! You are now the bravest person I know! I don't think I'd ever get the nerve to do that. Maaaybe if we were both parked in a parking lot or something. Maybe.

  8. Hot dang, it's just like that show "Pickers"!
    Good going! :-)


  9. Mindy, you make me laugh. I would be wanting to stop them, but probaly would not have the nerve to actually do it. You were brave enough, and it paid off because now you have a new place to shop.

  10. YOU need your own show on the History Channel. You can call it Texan Pickers. LOL

    I believe you have just found a honey hole!

    Happy hunting,

  11. Mindy you take junkin' to a whole new level ... LOVE that!! Go girl!


  12. Methinks somebody has been attending the "Richard" School of junking!

  13. You know that they have a new reality type show called 'Pickers'. You should be on that show! Although I do pick trash from the curbside, I've never stopped a moving vehicle. You crack me up!!! I'm glad you got your stuff though and there's no telling what could be in that barn. I think there are many thrills in your future. :-)

  14. Oh my gosh - I am CRYING laughing so hard!!! Seriously - just one day in your passenger seat I will take. LOLOLOLOLOL I can't wait to see the cool stuff you got - and I am so lovin' the cot looking thing!!!

    Now I will return to my uncontrollable giggles and mental picture...

    ;-) robelyn

  15. i have wanted to do that so many times.. but always talked myself out of it .. used to have a friend who would walk up and knock on peoples doors asking if they wanted to sell that old hickory bench on their porch .. i was always afraid they would shoot me .. lol!

    love the bed .. love that gate things he is hauling across the road too@! wow!!


  16. Get his name and number. Give him yours. Tell him to call the "crazy woman" to pick before he hauls it to the scrap yard. Tell him about the wood and other non-scrapable that items that you love. He sees them on his rounds and leaves tham because they are not scrap. You then will have yourself a Grade A picker working for you while he's working for himself. Too cool.

  17. You done gooood girl! Ha Ha Ha!!! I love how you roll, Mindy!

  18. LOLLOL Oh my gosh - I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! That was the BEST junking story I have heard in a long time. Love Mr. Flannery's idea too - Good going gal!!

  19. Good going, Mindy. You definitely rock (and roll)! So worth it!

  20. Mobile Junking! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. My vote for picker of the week!


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