Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday's Road Trip

Grab your favorite beverage. Put your feet up. This is a nice, long post with lots of pictures and links. You could be here a while. Enjoy!

Saturday morning, David and I hit the road, gps plugged in. We stopped at garage sales along the way, picking up a few bargains.

Our first scheduled stop was Carolyn Westbrook's Summer Market in Chatfield. We enjoyed the less than 100 degree weather as our eyes beheld Carolyn's wonderful decor and linens.

I really liked this industrial piece with the mirror atop. Sharp! For more pics from Carolyn's, go here. By the way, all of these pictures were taken by David. Boyfriend and photographer extraordinaire. (When you view his sets, I highly recommend watching the slideshow. You will see that option in the upper right hand side of your flickr screen.)
Carolyn had guests vendors set up with her, as well. Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest were there with lots of lovelies.
I thought this little headless bride was adorable! (I know, it wasn't their intent for me to call her that, but it makes sense)
Did you know Miss Tn' T was there? Indeed! Our most beloved Debbie was set up selling and looking absolutely stunning in that white dress. Love it! Also in the picture, you can see Cat Daddy and Jenn, Momma Bella herself.
The Trash Talking Family
After drooling on all the good stuff here, we hit the road with Malakoff set on our gps. We had to stop and see Donna and Debra of Curious Goods. Here are the pics that David took at Curious Goods.
I fell in love with this dirt dobber art. Isn't it amazing?
After that visit, we went down the block for a quick visit with Lillie at Junk Palace. Let me tell you right here and now, Lillie is having a 25% off every single thing in the whole, entire store sale. We did not allot enough time for this spree, dang it! Lillie, I'm coming back. David got a few great shots of Junk Palace here.
The gps next directed us to Athens. David headed into Sweet Pea where he commenced to take some awesome photos of Gloria's store. Here are the pictures he took.
I headed straight into Winnie & Tulula's and did a quick reset of my space with some new goodies. David snapped a few pics of Winnie & Tulula's as well. To see the entire running set of the store, you can view here.
That was a whirlwind, wasn't it? Whew! We enjoyed spending the day together and visiting with all of these fine people.

I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Monday!

PS. I just got an update regarding Haylie, Marcie's granddaughter, who I mentioned Thursday and Friday. Her surgery was this morning for the brain tumor. The doctors were able to remove all the brain tumor, however preliminary tests indicate the tumor is malignant. No course of treatment has been decided, pending additional lab test results. Please continue to pray for this family and the medical professionals.


  1. This post with all of David's pictures was better than any Country Living magazine!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  2. I LOVE the building Winnies & Tulula's is in! It's a great backdrop for antiques, and there is just something that calls my name when I see rust. Thanks to David for sharing all the pix's!

  3. That David of yours sure takes great photos! Looks like one fab weekend visiting all of these fabulous places!

  4. I.want.that.bed. You never stay still, do you?

  5. You two really covered the territory. I laughed at that first photo of the phone on the slideshow. I think that was in our house when I was growing up. yucky, ha ha. David's photos are wonderful as usual!

  6. You must have the best weekends, Mindy. Thanks for letting me tag along today.

    **Thinking of Haylie.

  7. Mindy--such fab pictures. So many textures to see! Thanks for sharing.

  8. It was great to see y'all! I look like I just emptied the last lottle of biquor or found the missing PDE!!!

  9. Wow...I am tired from all this travelin' the back roads! :) But, don't ya just LOVE IT!!! Hopefully, someday you and Dave can direct that gps toward Houston? :) Thanks for pics of all the beautiful treasures!


  10. Erin, I rarely sit still.

    Debbie, I'm not sure what PDE is. But, I don't think you could look bad in that dress. Did I mention I want it?

    In case y'all didn't see the ps part, go back and read about Haylie.

    And yes. I agree. David rocks!


  11. That was a great tour. Did you shop till you dropped? I am so sad that I missed Carolyn Westbook's show. I guess I'll catch it next time.

  12. What generous compliments! Thank you all!

    Honey, I love taking a road trip with you! Anytime... anywhere! XO!

  13. Hey, Girl. Thanks for your support. It is really appreciated.

    The Texas Woman

  14. What a fantastic trip you had. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.... Maggie

  15. Well, holy cow. Out of stock, out of mind, Debbie. I miss my PDE, but my thighs don't! ~Mindy

  16. What pretty stuff! Great trip.
    sandy toe

  17. Well good gracious, I am drooling over every inch of your blog!!! LOvin it all! Blessings, Janna

  18. Mindy,
    I absolutely HATE having my picture taken, but I knew David could not be stopped, so I did not even try to stop him. He took some great shots of our place, so I have added his Fliker page to the top of my blog for all to see. When he is famous, I want to be remembered as one of the ones who knew him back when.....

  19. Hey Mindy, I need your help. Ok, I got a surprise yesterday from Steve ... he's going to take a vacation for my birthday next week. Ok, we have a few choices of things we can do. He has arranged places for Molly to stay so me and him can get off together for a few days (we haven't done this in ages!), one of his suggestions of something we could do is go to Canton, TX to the flea market. What do you think? Do you think it would be worth the 8 hr drive for us to go? And the weather, do you think it'd be so hot we'd die? If we could should we pull the trailer, etc. I am just trying to figure out what to do, I want to go so bad butttttttt we already have another trip planned for Labor Day weekend to the beach again so I just don't know. I am so excited though that he's done this for me, that we get to do something fun together. I am going to post on my blog (may be tomorrow or sometime of what he did yesterday, how he gave me the options for my birthday. Ok...sorry for such a long comment, talk to you later.
    Tracy :-)

  20. Great photos! I'm still not done looking through all of them! Ha!


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