Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Tammy Friends

Are you familiar with author, Jill Conner Browne? She has written a number of books regarding The Sweet Potato Queens, in which all of her friends are referred to as "Tammy" in the interest of privacy. I am among five girlfriends who graduated from high school together many moons ago, who all keep in touch. We call ourselves The Tammys.
2008 Tammys
It goes like this. Tammy was going to get a divorce, so we all met up with her and hugged her and loved her and told her it would be ok if it happened. It didn't happen. She and her hubby are about to start a new business together. Good for them!

And then, there's Tammy. Her daughter is chronically ill. We all pray for them like it's going out of style. And we make sure there is plenty of wine when we have adult nights together. Tammy needs to cut loose sometimes!

Another Tammy is getting ready to go on vacation and she decided to go to the spa for a brazilian wax. It wasn't her first time by any means, but her regular waxer had retired in December and Tammy was hesitant to try someone new. In honor of vacation, she decided to bite the bullet. Are you familiar with the process? From what I hear, it's similar to a gyno appointment with no allowance for modesty. Hot wax. Private parts. Ripping. Holding of breath. Gnashing of teeth. Tylenol. What else do you need to know?

Anywho, Tammy made it through with the new lady fine. After said hair was removed, the waxer rubbed something on Tammy's behind, supposedly to help soothe any pain. But, the salve did not soothe. It burned. A lot. Burned more than the mere feeling of hot wax on her privates, Tammy said. Burned like bengay. Bengay!? Did the wax lady forget she had waxed and think she had massaged? Did she distribute icy hot instead of burn salve? Ouch! From what I understand, the burning subsided after the salve (?) was tissued off. Talk about adding insult to injury!

Well, you can imagine how hard all the Tammys laughed at this story! Bless Tammy's heart. Are you laughing?

Me and my Tammys will be getting together in a few weeks for a long weekend. I imagine we'll share more laughs, tears and wine.

Jill Conner Browne is great summer reading if you are looking for a new author. She'll have you laughing and loving her from the first page. A good Southern woman. Do you have any good Tammy stories?

From one Tammy to another, Happy Wednesday!
~Tammy Mindy


  1. Sounds like a lovely support system and a LOL sisterhood. I haven't read any of her books but that sounds like great poolside reading. Thanks Mindy.

  2. How special that you have all kept in touch and are there for each other. I think that's pretty rare these days with how busy people are. Enjoy your upcoming time together , Sue

  3. Quite a hair raising story! What we would do and where would be without our friends!!!

  4. Tammy, Tammy, Tammy! That's a lot of Tammys!! How did that come about?


  5. I'm not of the Tammys but I sure appreciated your stories. Groups of supportive women like yours is a little alien to me but I'm glad they do exist.

  6. Haven't read the books, but hearing about the "Tammys" reminded me of all the Tammy movies with Sandra Dee. How wonderful that you all have stayed together, what a blessing.

  7. I have a whole bunch of Tammy's in my life & by the time you're 63 & most of your friends are around that age, you've shared a lot. Don't know what I'd do without them. Jan

  8. Now THAT is what the YAYA is all about! Have a FUNtastic time and have a cold one for me! xo...deb

  9. And it's so handy that either one of us can just say, "The Tammys" and we both know exactly who we're talking about without having to name them all individually! ;-)

  10. This isn't a 'Tammy' story, but I heard one about a woman who went for her yearly gyno visit. She had to use the restroom while she waited for the doctor to come in, but there was no TP on the roll. So she used a kleenex from her purse. The doctor came in and started to examine her, and he just started laughing...not a reaction you would want when someone is looking down there. Then he remarked that he didn't know you could buy 'that' with them. It turns out there had been some S&H green stamps stuck to the kleenex, which were then stuck to her! OK, so it's probably not a true story, but it's funny! ~Lori

  11. What a great story! I think I will be forever too chicken to go get waxed.

    It's nice to have a couple of good girlfriends that go way back. You're a lucky woman to have a group of Tammys.



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