Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To Baby Bella from Baby Mindy

Baby Picture, originally uploaded by BlueIzNTexas.

Someone propped me up here, on the primo vinyl sofa, at the age of 2 months so that I could give you a lil advice.

Listen up Miss Bella,

Schmooze your Grand Cat Daddy and he will make sure that the world is yours. Go ahead and schmooze your daddy while you are at it. He already thinks you hung the moon!

Don't worry about sitting ladylike at this age. It's darn near impossible with these diapers.

See my left hand? Left hand. I forgot you're just a lil kid. Ok, the side the kitty cat is not on. See my fingers? My very own Daddy about stunted my growth by putting my fingers in the hook 'em horns position every time he walked by me. He was bound and determined that I would wear orange and achieve my higher learning where he got his learnin', at The University of Texas. Does anybody think Dad is bothered by the fact that I am (years after this picture was taken) madly in love with a bonafide, maroon wearing, cult ring bearing Aggie? Thankfully, my fingers didn't stick that way.

Bella, you just get yourself smart however you can. Drink your milk and grow yourself. After that diaper thing, you'll have plenty of time to sit ladylike, I'm sure.

Love your family as much as we all do, and your life will be more full than my tummy after a bottle of milk.

Miss Debbie, thank you for inviting me. I didn't get to rsvp, so I hope you don't mind me crashing the shower. I'm gonna go crawl under the bed and see what I can see. I think I saw something moving and that's always fun to explore!

I kinda wish we still had this vinyl sofa to sit on. Or at least to sell!

Happy Tuesday!
Little Mindy

ps. If you are confused by all this fuss, Miss Debbie at Talking Trash is hosting a baby shower for her beautiful Bella. Go here to read all about it.


  1. B.M. (How funny is that monogram!), Give your mom a big ol' hug and a kiss from me for providing this adorable photo. Remember, a lady always crosses her legs at the ankles...you got close enough!
    I just got through talking about schmoozing and cruising...great minds think alike.
    I've seen baby photos on bear skin rugs, but never one on the hide of the nauga! You little rebel you!
    Stay out from under that bed!!! There is no one, I mean nothing there for you to see except spiders!

  2. Sweet, sweet post Mindy, I enjoyed it!

  3. How cute are you? I love this post!


  4. You were cute then and you're cute now! Glad your fingers didn't get stuck that way. I am one lucky Aggie! XO!

  5. love this party post, mindy:) the photo is priceless...


  6. Baby Mindy, this post was just so cute.I love your outfit! Great photos of both you and David!

  7. Too cute Mindy! You gave little Bella some awesome advice!!!!
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