Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Friday!

I found another cardboard tube thing. The white color really appeals to me. You might recall a post I did about my fascination with these. My wheels are turning trying to figure out how to display this. Any suggestions?
Big Cardboard Tube
I also thought I'd show you a few more of my recent finds.
What are you diggin'?

David and I are heading to Canton tomorrow to meet up with Tracy and Steve of A Simple Country Life. They came all the way from Alabama to see the sights of First Monday and to do a little shopping, ya know. They have been here a few days and from what I gather, they are quite happy they made the trip.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!


  1. Hey Mindy, thanks for the compliment. After we got home I went out and had my hair cut, and now would like to have my neck flab "cut" too. Nothing like a bunch of photos to make me super picky of myself. Also speaking of large "white" things, I think your tube would look cool with big branches coming out of it...or a small tree. Whatever you can find.
    You guys have a fun weekend! Debra

  2. Have a great time, Mindy. I read the comment above after having my wonderful idea... guess great minds think alike! I too would put large branches, maybe with some tiny twinkly lights on them. Love that chest you found!

  3. Mindy,

    I met Tracy and Steve yesterday in the Civic Center, and you 4 are going to have a great time meeting face to face after being blog buddies. How fun to actually meet a far away friend!
    Have a great time, Donna

  4. I can tell you are gearing up for the show/shop. It won't be long.

  5. Looking forward to seeing Tracy and Steve and, of course, to spending time with you! Hope to see you later tonight, assuming I can drive by then. I've been drinking the margarita mix that you and the other Tammys left in my fridge. Honey, did you forget the 12 ounces of 7-up or something? Or did you perhaps double up on the tequila and Cointreau? Somehow, I don't think you followed my recipe. Lordy! I feel like someone spiked my tequila! lol

  6. What great finds! I love that white table!
    sandy toe

  7. My G'son Sage is with me tonight & I asked him what he thought about the lg. white barrel & he said he thought it would be a perfect home for a tree frog. Now that's a thought!!! Have a great weekend. Jan

  8. I can see the branches in it now. All my branches are wet from the monsoons that we had, as soon as it's back to 100 degrees, I'll see what I can find. Great idea!

    In fact, I think the tree frog would ilke it if I found branches. Then, he'd feel right at home, huh Sage? Love it!


  9. Hey girlfriend!

    Hope you had a GREAT time in Canton! As you know, I have been spending the last 2 1/2 days junkin' down 290 West to Austin and then north to Burnet! But, wanted you to know that you are MY WINNER for the Yaya July give-a-way! Just email me your mailing address! So, I can get this shipped to you!


  10. Coming out of lurking to comment on the white tube. Holy Cow! I have one of those that was my grandmother's. She stored blankets in it; then, my mom stored hand-me-downs in it; now, I use it to store clothes that are garage-sale bound.

    Can you believe, as much as I treasure old things, I never even thought about this one, just have taken it for granted.

    I could have had a V-8!

  11. i just love that cardboard tube/barrel...if i lived close by, i would definitely make that mine:)


  12. You know my mother had one of those cardboard tube things when I was kid, but it was brown and there was some writing on it. She stores blankets in had a lid.


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