Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comeing, nay, Comming, nay, Coming Soon!

Wanna know what is comeing soon?
Comeing Soon!
Surely, you know what is comming soon.
Comming Soon
Do you realize that we are less than 2 months away from the Zapp Hall Antique Show in Warrenton? Show dates are Friday, September 25th through Saturday, October 3rd.
show 033
This will be my first time to set up and sell at this world renowned antique show. David and I will be there with lots and lots of goodies. I have been advised by several experienced sellers to stock up, stock up, stock up. So, you better believe I am taking heed. I think David may be tired of me telling him every single weekend, "I need to be buying". Bless his heart. He is one heck of a trooper! So, how many trucks, trailers and uhauls should we bring? hmmmm...

Yes. I will be selling this kind of thing. No. Not the sign. The dead people's stuff.
Dead People's Stuff
Of course, I am a believer in surprises, so consider this one of your very last full on, big picture sneak peeks. No. You local folks. You cannot buy it now. See? This is why I don't show and tell!
stuff in driveway 001
Any advise from you old heads? I mean experienced sellers?

And you buyers. Go ahead. Tell me what you want to see at the show this fall. Color? Rust? Chippy? Frenchy? Whites? Christmas? Fabrics? Wood? (painted? stained? distressed?) Industrial? Mirrors? Concrete? Garden? Here's your chance!

Indeed, the show is comeing, comming, coming soon!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hi Mindy!
    I can't believe how they misspelled that word...professionals I tell ya!
    I'm so happy you'll be a vendor! This will be my first time going so I hope to meet you!!!!
    I only have ONE freakin' problem...How am I supposed to fit your goodies in my Corvette? So the question many uhauls and trailers am I going to need??? ;) Oh well, I'm off to put a hitch!!!!
    Until then...go buy darling...go buy!!!!!
    everything vintage

  2. Jodie's got a car, but I will only have a suitcase! So, as much as I love big stuff, it's going to have to fit in my suitcase, Mindy. Love metal, shabby wood, whites, aqua, seafoam green, vintage fabrics, buttons, pocket watches, clock faces, etc., etc...

  3. My godness girl! How could a bussines mispell an importent anouncement like that? Sheesh! They truely need sum asistance in that departmant, dont you tink?

    Wish I could be there for your debut! (Yes, that's how you spell debut.)


  4. Jodie & Zita, one word. Hertz. Or Enterprise. Rent a big suv! Or the trailer hitch on the vette would work! I need more smalls is what you're saying. hmmm ~Mindy

  5. Thanks for asking about my snow-guys...I won't be coming, but they will be at Zapp Hall with a dealer i do shows with here.

  6. Wish I could come but I can't but if I were, I would definitely be looking for holiday, holiday, holiday. This time of year I always get nervous about finding enough holiday. (If you're counting I used "I" 7 times in this comment.) Jan

  7. I am seeing alot of Rusty Metal there, want it all !!! Janna

  8. This is exactly why I keep my dictionary right next to me while I type. Now if I could just keep my cat off of the keyboarddddddddddddd.
    I'm a smalls addict! The more the better. Keeps the customer looking.

  9. Tell Zita not to worry. Rolling Hills delivers!
    Ask David if he'd prefer to make a run back to Poetry for more stuff when you sell out! You gotta take all you can haul! Go big or go home! That's my new Zapp saying!

  10. Pouting - serious pouting going on here that I can't go. I think I may step on my bottom lip. :0) Seriously , Mindy , you will have SO much fun! I'll just live vicariously through all your awesome photos!! Sue

  11. Mindy, I mapquested and it would take 3-4 days to drive down from Montreal, and I'm only getting 3 days off work!

  12. Well I know you are busy getting ready and have lots of work to do, but I am anxious also.
    The only thing I have to do is come with the lunch money I have been saving to make this wonderful show.

    Looking forward to meeting you.


  13. I love these metal tables and stools. wish I could come.


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