Friday, July 24, 2009

Queenly Tammys Dinner Menu

Ok, ya'll. I had to run over to the computer between courses and share what is going on in David's kitchen right this very moment. We just finished the salad course. Between the wine and champaigne, somehow, we are working margaritas in, too. Seriously! Happy Friday! ~Tammy Mindy

SPQ Girls’ Weekend – July 2009 - Queenly Dinner Menu


Appetizer Course

The Queen Mum’s Shrimp that’ll make that Tiara fall off yo’ head

Gulf shrimp stuffed with a mild jalapeno, wrapped in proscuitto, lightly grilled, then suuuuummmmmuuuuthered with cheddar cheese – Yummy Mummy!

The Queen’s favorite Tea Time crackers and cheese

Assorted crackers served with Raspberry Chipotle covered Cream Cheese

A TOAST to ring in the weekend

Champagne infused with Raspberry Vodka - pinkies up, please!


Salad Course

A Salad Fit for Mighty Fine SPQ’s

Baby spinach with lightly toasted pecans, green apples, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and bacon – tossed in a red wine viniagrette

Paired with White Wine - Conquista Torrontes (Argentina, 2007),

OR….. keep guzzling that yummy, very Queenly Champagne delight, pinkies still up, please!


Entrée Course

A sampling of the following Queen’s Greatest Hits (No, I’m not talking about Fat Bottom Girls or We Are the Champions….)

H.R.H.’s Perty Chicken Wraps

The finest SPQ-sized (a.k.a TBG-sized) yardbird breasts stuffed with proscuitto and swiss cheese, wrapped around asparagus and grilled to perfection – yum, yum hunny-bun!

Spud Stud Worthy Ribeye

Tender cut of grilled-to-perfection boneless Ribeye, seasoned with a bold spice mixture– too bad no Spud Studs will be there to enjoy it – ha!

Out of this World (but NOT out of the Mississippi River) Scallops

Tender sea scallops, with a big-O bear hug of basil and proscuitto, pan seared in a light extra-virgin (which we were when we met each other) Basil Olive Oil

All served with Garlic Rosemary Mashed Potatoes and paired with your choice of 1 or ALL of the following:

White Wine - Conquista Torrontes (Argentina, 2007),

Red Wine – very bold 7 Deadly Zins (Napa, 2006),

OR….. keep guzzling that yummy, very Queenly Champagne delight, pinkies still up, please!


Dessert Course

A Tribute to

“American Thighs: The SPQ Guide to preserving your ASSets”

Bananas Foster

Sweet bananas, pan seared with butter, brown sugar, dark rum and cinnamon, served over Bluebell’s finest vanilla ice cream – keeping those American Thigh assets in good shape!


Bluebell’s finest with or without chocolate sauce


keep guzzling that yummy, very Queenly Champagne delight, pinkies still up, please!


  1. Ok, I'm having a hard time getting past the Queen Mum's Shrimp and I know there's a chocolate sauce option after. Those shrimp just sound AMAZING!


  2. Food...booze...and laughter...nothing better!



  3. Yum, yum, YUM! Sounds delicious, baby! Glad you Tammys are having a wonderful time at Mi Casa Del Spud Stud. And I know you'll have a great time showing off Winnie and Tulula's today! Don't forget to take lots of pictures! Love you!

  4. All I have to say is CAN HE BE CLONED? and HOW SOON??? I want a prince charming for my Daughter to marry some day........ Looking forward to Seeing you giggling girls today at Winnie and Tulula's, Sweet Pea's and Curious Goods! Hugs!

  5. Oh my, upon reading closer, I realized that YOU are cooking, not David...... well, now we gotta CLONE YOU TOO! I have 2 sons, you know!

  6. Mindy, I am sorry I wasn't at this lovely dinner. The food sounds wonderful. One day I hope that Sharon and I can visit your shop.

    Happy weekend.

  7. You're making me hungry!

  8. Wish I could have been there! Sounds like you all had a BLAST!!!


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