Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cherubs and Prayer Requests

Calling all praying people!

Marcie, of Mayron and Marcie (the m & m's). Marcie of Unique Unique Design. Marcie, grandmother to Haley, is in need of our prayers. Haley was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor when she was 6 years old. This little girl had radiation and chemotherapy and now, after three years, the doctors have found another brain tumor. Haley is undergoing surgery this Monday morning at 7:30. Won't you pray for Marcie's family, the medical professionals and Haley?

Also, earlier this month, I mentioned my Tammy friends. We are getting together this next weekend for some eating and drinking and spa-ing and laughing and giggling and story telling and well, you get the picture! Memory making.

In my earlier post about the Tammys, I mentioned that one friend, Tammy, has a daughter who is chronically ill. For the sake of anonymity (you know how teens are) we'll call the girl child, Teenage Tammy. Well, Teenage Tammy is having a flare up of some kind and Tammy is waiting to hear some results of blood tests before she determines if she is going to come to our Tammy Reunion.

All of this to say, would you please pray for Teenage Tammy? Being a teenager has enough challenges without adding chronic illness to the mix. Pray for healing and comfort. And maybe, if relief comes quickly, Tammy can still come play with us. And Teenage Tammy can rest easy.

Thanks, y'all! I can't wait to show this mother and grandmother the outpouring of love and support from y'all! They will know and feel your prayers and what a wonderful thing!

Now, here are some framed cherubs I picked up today.
Metal frames. Velvet background. Chalk Cherubs. With color.
Yesterday was a baseball base on a chair. Today is cherubs.
Ya never know! What do you think? I'm not crazy about the blue and pink, myself. But, I do like the spirit of the pieces. If you love them, holler. They would ship easily.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks for sharing the prayer requests. I love to pray for people, because so many have prayed for me. AND I think the little shabby cherubs are great, even with a touch of color.

  2. I will add all to my prayer list.
    Great little cherubs.

  3. Mindy, just wanted to thank you for your prayers and asking for others to pray. And thanks to all you who are. It's all in God's hands. Will know more Monday after her surgery.
    Will, also, be praying for this young teenager.

  4. A big thanks to those of you who commented and committed to prayer for these young ladies and their families. I know that comfort is had in just knowing folks are talking to God about their loved ones.

    Marcie, you are so welcome.


  5. Today has not been the greatest of days for news. First I read Pam's post, then Cher's and now this. I am going to have to take a tablet to bed with me to make sure I don't overlook anyone and I don't like that one bit! But you can count on me to lift your Tammy Teenager up in prayer.

  6. Dear Mindy, Sending prayers for those on your blog and praying God will be with the families of these young ones. What heart break.
    I am hoping to come your way one day and visit with you. We went as far as Malakoff and then to Athens to W&T. What great fun.

    Happy Friday to you.

  7. Have definitely added Haley and Teenage Tammy to the prayer list. In fact, prayed for them last night.

    I'm on the fence about the cherubs, but the frames and velvet backing alone are worth the price of admission. I am "picturing" some old photos attached to the velvet with the old timey picture corner holders. Letting the velvet show all the way around, of course. Or the same thing, but with beveled edged mirrors.

    I think the cherubs could get along just fine without the frames and maybe even be more versatile. Paint white with some antiquing? Just my thoughts, but what do I know?

    Anyway, congrats on the cool finds!

  8. I adore the cherubs....are they for sale?

    I am redoing my dining room and the frames match perfect...the theme is cherubs.

    Sending prayers out for ALL those who need it :)

  9. Yes ma'am, the cherubs are for sale! A bargain at $57 for the pair. Let me know if you need more pictures, measurements, etc. I did send you an email, as well. ~Mindy


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