Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Finds

I found a few goodies this morning. Check out this lampshade. It kicks booty, eh?
I lucked into some great plaster pieces.
The flowers on these pieces really caught my eye.
Great lines on this table.
The top of the table has great, old world beauty.
What is this? I took pictures front and back.
I'd have thought fireplace deco. But what are the semi circle dilly bobs for?
I think I'll start collecting fans. Just looking at them in my backyard gives me an illusion of cool in these 100+ degree days.
Happy Friday!


  1. That dark table with the floral motif (parlour table?)is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I lived close, I'd buy it. But I'm thinking that green serpentine lamp thingy should go to Debbie to use with her "space cadet" black and white chairs!
    Good haul!

  2. I really love those old fans. I think I want to find one of those for my new living room.

    That lamp is incredibly unique and almost beyond words. What a find!


  3. Did Debra just call me a space cadet? You really hit the ground off the plane rolling!

  4. I don't know where in the heck you go to shop, but you always find good stuff! I am assuming you are not shopping in Poetry! :)


  5. MALisa, Most of these finds were found at a variety of places. And most of those places are listed on my sidebar, close to the left bottom. Sometimes, it is easier to pay more at a shop than to sweat it out yard saling. Not always. But, today it was!

    Debbie, the vacation was seriously forced relaxation. It was wonderful. And I don't do it at home. So, it was nice to be away with David. No distractions or requirements.

    Tricia, email sent.

    Debra, the lamp is mighty retro, isn't it? And I'm sure the table will ship!


  6. OMG... I am so got some kick butt goods there... the white thing, what in the world?? Let us know when you find out what it is.. Blessings, Janna

  7. i love old fans! these are beautiful...


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