Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back from Boston


We made it back from Boston safe and sound. I had never been to Boston and let me tell ya, it was beautiful. We happened to be there during some of the most beautiful weather they had experienced in quite some time. No rain, mid 70's- low 80's during the day. Just lovely.

Here we are in the plane getting ready to leave Dallas.
The first night in Boston, we took a dinner cruise. They were pretty hung up on playing Michael Jackson music. I think the dj was a fan or something.
We took a trolley tour that took us to the harbor where we were able to see sailors and ships and stuff. Love Old Glory!
Another night, we went whale watching. We got to see quite a few whales. This sunset was just gorgeous with the fishing boat in view.
We enjoyed a ghost tour one night. We rode a trolley around and listened to local ghost stories and explored a couple cemetaries. Here, David took a load off to snap a photo with the ghost of Maggie Poppins. I think she died of a tragic umbrella flying accident!
David hung around in the stockades. I'm not sure what he was found guilty of...maybe being so darned handsome?
We went to Kennedy's pub and restaurant where David asked for a margarita. After taking a sip, we are both sure that they dumped some bacon salt, or liquid smoke in the drink. Seriously? A very strange thing. We didn't ask, as our accents tended to cause folks to think we were the Clampetts, straight out of the hills.
And, here we are waiting to head back to Dallas. We thoroughly enjoyed our family vacation.
A few high points:

I already mentioned the weather. Beautiful.

Wonderful fireworks. There was an entire barge filled with fireworks on the Charles River. We sat in Boston Commons Park and enjoyed the view.

Nice folks. Everyone heard us speak and instantly smiled. Texans tend to be loved everywhere!

Good company. David's mom, aunt, daughter and cousin were great travel partners. From 13 yrs old to 60 yrs old, we blended beautifully. Family. Gotta love it.

Low points:
Omni Parker House Hotel. Small rooms. Bad housekeeping service. Failed to follow through on a few things requested. Slow/poor service in pub. Ok...that's enough. I'd say, good location, but not worth it.

Rain the last day. Well, it was only the last day. So, it was not too bad.

At the Dallas airport, my luggage was randomly selected to be searched after we had left it with the porter. Well, without my watchful eye, I think they played "slam the luggage until anything fragile breaks". My brand new blush and eye shadow were emulsified into loose powder by the time it made it to Boston. Apparently, we didn't tip the porter enough. ha!

Speaking of tipping...every single person who we made eye contact with wanted a tip! It was stupid crazy.

I only packed one long sleeve shirt and a sweater for the entire trip. I would have liked a light jacket, as well. Those evenings on boats were chilly!

I turned to David on Monday and informed him that we could stay 2 or 3 days more, as I had 2 or 3 more days worth of clothes! haha Oh, well!

So, there you have it. My quick little summary of a wonderful vacation. If you'd like to see more pictures, you may view my album here. David is still working on his album. It will be a few more days, so be patient!

It will take me some time to get caught up on y'all. I'll get back to shopping and getting ready for Warrenton starting tomorrow morning!

Happy Monday!

ps. Here I am with the ghost of Maggie Poppins. I was attempting a look of fright. Or something? haha
The Ghost of Maggie Poppins


  1. Looks like ya'll had a great time, but you looked a little tired in the one pic :) Hope you found some goodies to bring back.

  2. I look tired? Hmmmm...must be something wrong with your computer screen. I was well rested! haha We brought some goodies back, for sure. ~Mindy

  3. Thank you, Amy!

    Theresa, that's funny! That's Maggie Poppins that I'm doing the arm's length photo with. And she wasn't just a little tired. She was DEAD tired! lol

    Mindy, I had a wonderful time! We ALWAYS have fun together, don't we?

  4. I'm so glad you had a good time but also glad you're back. It's just not the same without you. We always think we're going on vacation to relax but seem to always come home exhausted -- but good exhausted. Jan

  5. Aaaahhhhh, you guys are just so darn cute! loved the whale watching photos. Ya know, they all heard that Texas speak and they thought you were the rich millionare kind AND That margarita looked nasty. Glad you're back, Jan and I don't have any comments if you're not here. ha ha

  6. What a great place to be on July 4th!
    Maybe Maggie had a bone to pick with David is why he ended up in the stockades!!!
    The Clampetts? I tell everybody we're the Ewings poor relations.

  7. Jan and Debra, thanks y'all! It's nice to be missed. The only need I felt to come home was to see my folks and sister. By no means am I more relaxed at home. At home, I am forever looking around thinking of things to do. While on vacation, I was on forced sabatical. It was so wonderful! But, I did miss y'all, too.

    Debbie, you could be right. Maggie may have had a bone to pick. A jaw bone, or something! Stay tuned for his pictures. He got a few bone pics with me and Maggie. Poor relations of the Ewings. Cute.

    David...we could make a funeral fun, I imagine. As I recall, we had fun in those graveyards, didn't we? Watch out for those ghosts with flasks! They carry sticks with nails in them!!!


  8. I love the pictures of you and David. Such an gorgeous couple. Looks like a wonderful time.

  9. Glad y'all had a great time and made it back home safe.

  10. Any place in the New England states would be good for me! Glad you both had a great time.


  11. Many moons husband and I lived in Boston for a year....he was in school...your post was very nostalgic for me! We also watched the fire works over the Charles that year....I must say you and your husband are an attractive couple....along with your charming Texan wonder folks were smiling!!
    Take care, Laura

  12. Sounds like a pretty good time. Weather was perfect. That helps out a lot in walking and seeing new places. I think with the two of you though, no matter the destination you would enjoy the time together.

  13. Laura, David is working on his pictures still; I am sure that you will enjoy them when he gets them up. His blog and his photos are linked on my sidebar under his name. Be sure to check back. I can see why one would enjoy living in Boston. And no taxes on clothing purchases! I could get in trouble there! haha

    Erin, you are right. We do seem to have that ability. We celebrate 2 years of dating in September. Hoorah for!!!


  14. What a great time!!!!

    It looks and sounds like you guys had SO MUCH fun. I'm glad.

    I think your feed was down or something because the last few days didn't show a new post when I was checking. I figured you were still out of town. Oh well, I guess I've got some catching up to do. You got some great pictures.
    ps I love your


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