Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My boyfriend is getting lost this weekend

2008 Tammys in Granbury
Last year around this time, I was meeting up with some girlfriends in Granbury. When my Tammy friends and I got to our loft, we were greeted with this lovely floral arrangement. My boyfriend had found out where we were staying and ordered these beauties for us to enjoy during our stay.

The next day, the ladies and I headed to the spa for some relaxation. When we got there, I was told that my boyfriend had paid for my entire day of luxury. (I have a picture of me and the girls after the spa, but, we have spa face, spa hair, spa daze. So. No picture for viewing!)

Since that time, my boyfriend has continued to love me and spoil me rotten. This year when the girls and I were discussing where to go for our trip, David invited us to stay at his house. He said he would get lost for the weekend while we played in his casa. Suweet!

While my boyfriend is wandering around being lost, we'll be playing with his Keurig coffee machine. It's pretty fancy!
I promise we will not rest our drinks on the green felt, love. But, I can't promise we won't dance on top of the table!!! I guarantee, we will be grillin' and chillin' while David wanders aimlessly in his lostness.
One of the girls, Tammy, had a trampoline at her house when we were growing up. She, in fact, broke her arm on it. I'm hoping to re-live some flips. But, no runs to the hospital or calls to the lost man for a ride to the hospital! (I hope)
One of those lost days for David will be a fun day for us in his pool! Good times!
We will absolutely be playing with his margarita machine while he is lost. Thanks for showing me how this contraption works before you got lost, honey!
I lied. Here is a picture of us after the spa last year. Thank you for getting lost honey, from me and my Tammy friends!
2008 Tammys
Sunday, David, at the appointed time, I would appreciate it if you would stop being lost and find me. Ok!?
Quick Cuddle
I sure do love you, Mr. Wonderful!

Have you bought a Sweet Potato Queens book yet? Jill Conner Browne is the author. You will really love her! In fact, while I'm off with my Tammy friends, you should check out Jill's blog. Enjoy!

Happy Week/Weekend! I will return in a few days.


  1. Sounds like great fun. Enjoy yourselves thoroughly!

  2. What a great boyfriend, that David! He's a keeper, Mindy.

  3. Great post, great friends, great guy. You've got it all! Enjoy yourself!


  4. What a doll. Hope you have a wonderful time. I tagged you for a photo game but only if you feel like it, no stress. Hugs, Pam

  5. Have a very relaxing weekend! Maybe you should send HIM flowers this time. What a thoughtful guy!

  6. I want to be a Tammy! Sounds so fun!

    That last photo is sooooo the two of you! :)


  7. David is so sweet! Have a ball!

  8. Mindy, great to see you today! I hope that you and the gals have a great time! Have fun!

  9. You're such a sweetheart for braggin' on me, baby! I hope you and the rest of the Tammys have a wonderful time this weekend. You can be sure that I will get myself un-lost and come find you on Sunday. Be ready! ;-)

  10. What a guy!!! And I imagine that his house will be sparkling clean & frig will be full. Have a great weekend with the Tammy's. Jan

  11. I wanna get one of those books! David is so sweet. Great pool!!!

  12. Ain't love grand? Mindy, girlfriend, you are getting spoiled...and isn't it wonderful?


    A word to the wise: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT jump on the trampoline after our favorite beverages! It hurts when you land on the ground on your head...or so I've heard!

  13. Where can I find a guy like that???? Have a great weekend! ~Lori

  14. I don't get it, what does David mean? BE READY!!

  15. I think he means "make sure the kitchen is clean" or "clean up the mess before I get back" or something like that. ~Mindy


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