Monday, July 13, 2009

Much Better

David and I took a little time out of our weekend to work at Primitiques Saturday. We got busy restocking and resetting.
I still need to do some shopping to fill in some empty spaces, but the store looks much better than it did!
Isn't it about time you discovered Poetry, Texas?

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh girl everything looks great. That looks so much like mine and Steve's style of decorating! We need to do some serious shopping to work on our booths.

  2. Makes me want to come to Texas. Maybe when it cools down a little. Your shop looks wonderful. Jan

  3. I just love the name...Poetry, I'd love to know the history of your town. I don't know how you manage to keep your two places filled with such great merchandise. It looks great!

  4. The white corner looks really good and peaceful. Very summery!

  5. I love the chicken feeder plate rack, plates can be so hard to display.. I think I just happen to have the perfect feeder laying out back,thanks, and your stuff all looks great!~Jacque

  6. It does look great. I don't decorate with white but that space is so peaceful. I'd like to sit down.

  7. I love your white corner, Mindy. I would be drawn to that immediately!

  8. That looks great, Mindy! Are you fully recovered from being on vacation???

  9. Thanks, y'all! I've been trying to get some new goodies in there. It seems I'm forever running all of my latest finds to Athens. Primitiques was due for some new stuff, too! I've already had a few sales since resetting. Yea!

    Recovered from vacation? Let's see. Have I recovered from no schedule? No requirements? Sleeping late? Eating like a pig? Dressing like a girl? 70 to 80 degree weather? I guess you could say I am back to reality with work, 2 stores, laundry, 100+ weather....Might I suggest that I would rather not recover from vacation??? haha

    Next vacation? Warrenton! Ugh...ok...a working vacation? hmmmm ~Mindy

  10. Mindy~

    Love the white vignette....Beautiful!!!!


  11. Wow! Your display looks beautiful. Makes me want to come shopping in Texas!



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