Friday, July 17, 2009

Bulk and Answered Prayers

As a rule, I am not a fan of linens. Selling linens, that is. Too much to keep up with. Gotta keep them clean. Folded. Nicely displayed. You get the picture. Not my thing.

I saw these rugs at a garage sale today and thought they had a weird D on them.
I got over that brain fart and realized that if I merely turned them, the weird D was actually a fancy A.
I spied these on top of a fairly large box. Upon further investigation, I found that the entire box was full of these funky round rugs in the turquoise blue and gold. I guess there are at least 20 or so.
I might not be into linens, but I love just about anything in bulk. It's an addiction. A problem. A gift? ha! You got it. I bought the entire box. For a steal, I might add!

Maybe I'll sew them together and use them for my flooring in Warrenton. Hmmmm.

David and I are heading out to Carolyn Westbrook's Summer Market in the morning. Are you going? Then we are moseying our way to Malakoff to visit my friend, Donna, at Curious Goods. Will you be there? And after that, we are headed to Winnie & Tulula's in Athens. Surely, we'll see you at Winnie & Tulula's. I sure hope so!

Happy Friday (and weekend)!

and by the friend, Tammy, sent an email today, and here is what she said about Teenage Tammy: "She's feeling better, blood work numbers came back actually good". Is there anyone who read my blog yesterday that doesn't believe in the power of prayer? High Five, God! And a big thanks to all of you who prayed. Let's continue to keep Marcie's family in our prayers.


  1. Praise the Lord! Thanks for letting us know and have a fun weekend!

  2. Will be looking for you tomorrow! I am so beat up tonite that I'm heading straight to the bath and bed!

  3. We hope to make it to Carolyn Westbrook's show tomorrow. Maybe we'll see you there.

  4. Boy, are we good or what!!!! I'll keep it up. Seems like my list is longer then usual. Would love to take the trip you 2 are taking tomorrow but I'll be hosting a baby shower. Have a great weekend (at least I won't be killing rats). Jan

  5. Sew those suckers together! They will make an awesome rug!


  6. Sorry, I missed your blog yesterday, but I am glad God answered your prayers!

    Those would make a really cool rug if you do sew them together. Good idea.

  7. I would've thought they were funny D's too. =) The would look cool as a rug but sewing them together sounds like a lot of work. Are they thick? My sewing machine doesn't like stuff that's too thick. What if you got some double sided tape (like packing tape size) and placed them randomly? But I suppose that wouldn't work if you're on dirt/grass. Ok, so we're back to the sewing thing... ;) Blessings... Polly

  8. Mindy, You always find the neatest things...I need to go shopping with you someday. Have fun today at all those great places you mentioned. I hope David takes loads of pictures of Carolyn's place.


  9. SO GLAD to hear that she is better. I got so excited to see you and David that I talked my head off and did not ask how Tammy is doing.

    Had a blast today. Carolyn's Show was beautiful and I loved the treasures I got from you. Malakoff was rokkin' with people this afternoon! Thanks for the fun visit!
    Hugs, Donna

  10. Multiples! I love multiples! Very cute idea to sew them together!

  11. oops not sure if my comment posted on the cherub post???

    Was interested in them and if they are for sale ??

    Hope this is not a repeat comment :)


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