Monday, November 17, 2008

Egg Nog

There were some really good suggestions for my stands from the last post. I am going to try some of them tomorrow. See what I can do. The magnet thing, I'm sad to say, isn't going to work, with the round pole and the flat magnet. I tried. But, the Joy idea on cardstock might be cute. And the papertowel thing is fun! I'll take pics and show you what I come up with. Thanks, y'all!

So many of you were busy this weekend. From making homemade bread to crock potting pulled pork, to long walks with the family dog. Witt's parents were adjusting to Witt's schedule this weekend, as he likes to keep 'em guessing. Now, I didn't bake or cook anything this weekend. No long walks with a dog. No newborn to deprive me of sleep. Believe it or not, I started decorating for Christmas this weekend!

It all started Friday when I stopped by my favorite adult beverage store and I was happy to see that my favorite drink in the whole wide world is currently in stock.

Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog.

Write it down. Get it. Drink it. But, first. Promise that you won't hate me when your pants start fitting tighter. Be prepared to exercise during this season, or your cute little party dress for New Year's won't glide over your curves quite like it is supposed to. It is fattening! And it is wonderful!

Oh. And it does have spirits. So, make sure you have a designated driver, or just stay home when you consume this delightful concoction. It will knock you on your booty if you're not careful.

You will so much enjoy decorating your home while enjoying a cup of this goodness. Can I get an AMEN from any other folks in the know?

I know. You wanna see what I got done, don't you? My house isn't photo ready. But, give me another weekend with Bing Crosby and Perry Como and we'll see what pics I can come up with.

By the way, Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog is what I give as a host/hostess gift during the Holiday Season. Maybe this explains why I get invited to so many parties!

If you'll pardon me, I need to go run around the block a few times.


  1. I have found from many years of decorating that the best thing to consume, at that time, is spiced tea and chex party mix made with extra almonds. Yum

  2. I want to start decorating! I would, but things are going to be cramped for Thanksgiving, so I'm making myself wait till the morning after. I can't wait to see pictures! If I liked eggnog, I'm sure this would be great. Enjoy while you can.

  3. When you said you loved eggnog, I thought you meant eggnot not EGGNOG! My son would probably dig this. May have to get him some. Tn'T

  4. What about using J-B Weld to attach something to your stands? Easy to use, not expensive. Just a thought.

    The Texas Woman

  5. I started decorating too! Just one tree up though and it looks kind of naked right now. Can't wait to see your pics.

    I'm game to trying the PD eggnog! I've actually only had "eggnot", quoting TnT, a couple times in my life. Never had any with a kick!


  6. What is eggnot? My own mother, who knows everything, doesn't even know!

    Cher, JB-Weld is a good idea. Let me see what I come up with tomorrow. This is fun!

    I say, even if you don't think you like egg nog, give it a try. Good stuff!


  7. My guess is eggnot is without alcohol. (not spiked) Am I right, TnT? Pennsylvania Dutch is ok. And convenient right out of the bottle. But I think spiced rum and nutmeg go a little better with eggnog than brandy and whiskey.

  8. Thanks David for trying to pull my a-- out of the fire. It sounds good, but really eggnot is operating machinery while under the influence of cold medication. People, people, people what we have here is a failure to communicate. I just sometimes get my mords wixed! Tn'T


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