Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unique Unique Talent

There was a glow in Argyle Tuesday night. A warmth. Talents and admirers coming together. There was perfect placement. A marriage of uniqueness. A closed door was opened at 6:30pm. Excitement and admiration were unbounded. Tags of intent were affixed. Money was exchanged. Items were lovingly packed and transported to new homes.

Yes. I am talking about the Unique Unique Design Home Show with Mayron and Marcie.



Snakelover was invited in to the show 45 minutes before any buyers, to capture the beauty before the frenzy. With his eye and his lens, he caught the glow and the warmth of the home in his photos. Enjoy.

Without argument, we were surrounded with beauty and talent Tuesday night. It was truly magical.

To view the full album taken by Snakelover, click here. I would recommend you view the slideshow. And if you have the option to view on black, take it. Amazing.


  1. Fabulous! Tell David I'm SURE he'll be invited back next year!

    The Texas Woman

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I want to thank the gracious hostesses for letting me have the special early run of the place. Although I did feel a bit guilty seeing all your eager faces pressed against the glass! ;-)

  3. Everything looked terrif just like I knew it would. I wouldn't expect any less from those two dynamos! Tn'T

  4. Snakeman is an amazing photographer!! He did a great job. I'll have to see the slideshow.

  5. Thank you Mindy for the wonderful review! We had fun. And thank you David (aka Snakelover) for risking life and limb by coming in early!! Your photos are fabulous!

  6. Wow! That place looks wonderful. Lucky you!

    Oh, I can't wait to try out the Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog. I can see myself liking it. Too much. :-)

  7. These pictures are beyond amazing! Snakelover is one great photographer and you ladies hit the mark with your displays.

  8. What a wonderful atmosphere! The photos capture it beautifully!



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