Monday, November 3, 2008

Unique Unique Home Show

The date is set, and you want to be there. Well, you should want to be there! Mayron and Marcie are workin' it, bustin' booty, shakin' their groove thang to get it all together. And together it will be, only for us to tear all apart in two weeks. Tuesday, November 18 at Marcie's house. Click here for details on their home show.

The following pictures are of the house a few shows ago. Look and see how clever they are.

Mayron and Marcie literally play house at Marcie's. They start out with a shell of a house and they decorate it, furnish it, prepare it for shoppers. Almost everything you see is priced and waiting to be loaded into your truck/trailer. It's an event of buying, viewing great ideas and observing two of the most talented women I know. They work magic with the absence of color.

Even the food looks well placed, eh?

I lusted after this little bench.

Columns in the corner.

That is a cot under the canopy. I wanted to crawl in for a nap.

The magic all starts in the front yard.

Clever, aren't they?

Who'd have thunk it?

Classic, industrial, modern, quirky, antique...

for more info, click on their link...

Just a touch different from my own home pictures yesterday, huh?

See you there!


  1. Wow! Wish I could be there for this year's sale!

    The Texas Woman

  2. I just love their decorating style. Their ideas are endless!! Wish I could make it out...

  3. Mindy, thank you for the kind words and great pics. Hope we can live up to them! Better go start "shaking that grove thang" cuz it's not done yet. See you in a couple weeks!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! Why do you Texans always mess with those of us in Ohio? You always have the coolest places to go and buy stuff!

    This looks like too much fun. I absolutely love the grated bin in front of the fireplace! That's what MY fireplace needs.


  5. I would LOVE to be at that show! I'd like to have a credit card handy too. :) Looks like some really good pieces...even if they are last years. I look forward to seeing picts from this year.


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