Monday, November 10, 2008

Sharing the Love

A couple weeks ago, me and my friend, Mayron, went on a short buying trip to Sulphur Springs. Of course, we stopped all along the way at garage sales. We filled and emptied the truck with good junk twice before we actually made it to our destination. At one garage sale, I found about a dozen small paint brushes. Black wood with black or white brush ends. Now, Mayron had just passed by that table. She could have seen them. But, she didn't. As I was gathering up the brushes, my friend, in a clear and concise voice said "I hate you." Yes. She was speaking to me. And she was serious!

If you are unaware, this is bonding language. It's like guys patting each other on their booties at football games. "I hate you" is a good thing. A compliment. High praise from my friend, Mayron. My insides fluttered. She liked the brushes!

When we made it to our destination, (Town Square Mall, 102 College St in Sulphur Springs 903-438-0286), we split up and started looking. I found several nice pieces. But, my heart went pitter patter when my eyes rested on these file cabinets. They were primitive. Hand made. And come to find out, made out of old apple crates. How could I pass up these works of art? OH. The price would be the determining factor. Indeed. My budget was not going to budge for these treasures. Gloom, despair and agony on me.

I picked out some under $10 items and made it up to the register. Tony, the big man of the establishment, assured us that dealers are willing to make deals at this place. And if we saw something we liked, be sure to mention it and he'd see what he could do. Me, in my most sincere, "I am poor" voice said "Well, unless you have a buy one get one free special going on, I doubt I'll be getting what I want". When I told him that I liked the file cabinets, he said that they were his and that I could, indeed have them, two for the price of one.

I didn't hear her through my giddy excitement, but I know good and well that Mayron said it again. "I hate you."

Can you feel the love?


  1. I do like the cabinets. They are pretty and functional. And they will help you get more organized. Which will save you time. Time that you can spend with your boyfriend! ;-) Congrats on the great buy, baby!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you're so lucky, love the file cabinets. Primitives are our favorite, my husband would have a cow over them!

  3. Ya know, that's where Renee has her booth. Love the cabinets!

    The Texas Woman

  4. What does Hey mean? Don't confuse me-I'm old. Love the brushes with your "Mindy" plate. It looks like you just painted it. Tn'T

  5. Very nice! Love the black brushes with the white numbers on them.

    I see it pays to use my "I am poor" voice more often!


  6. What a deal! It never hurts to ask right?!

  7. These filing cabinets couldn't be any better! Can I come shopping with you???

  8. Town Square Mall is a good place to shop and to have a space. Tony and his wonderful wife Marjorie are great. I have my own room in their wonderful antiqued filled home. Molly the weenie dogis a great bunk mate.


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