Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet the Folks

Y'all have been reading about me the last few months. Yesterday was dedicated to my sister, LucyJane. Today, you get to meet more of my peeps.

Here's Dad and LucyJane. Dad is a retired salesman and a full time junker. He garage sales, he goes to auctions. Before his purchases get moved along for profit, he stores them in the garage. When he hears the garage door opening and knows it's me, he always runs to the back door and tells me not to look as I'm walking through. He loves to see me, but he hates to see me coming. "Dad, can I have this?"
Here's Mom. Think we favor just a little? Mom is a retired nurse. She literally knows everything. I swear. And she knows how to do just about everything. She is amazing.
When LucyJane and I grow up, we want to be as smart as Mom. Seriously.

Here's Mom and Dad celebrating 45 years of marriage. Well, I think they were actually taking a pause from celebrating at this very moment.

Yeah. Here's Dad celebrating now.

By the way, Dad always says "yes" when I want something in the garage. I am his baby girl, don't ya know?

We'll get back to junk and more good stuff next blog. Now, you know more of the players in my life.
All photos are courtesy of Snakelover


  1. I like your new look. Nice meeting the peeps!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Wow, you do look like your mom especially in that last shot of her. I hide stuff from Jenn too since I know she loves to go shopping in our barns. Love looking at others families. Tell SnakeLover great photos. Tn'T

  3. Your parents and sister are all wonderful! I feel like I'm meeting the family of a dear friend! And we haven't even met in person! Gotta love blogland!


    P.S. I agree with Deb (Tn'T)...the photos are so great!

  4. It's so nice to meet your family. You're lucky to have a Dad that lets you take his junk!

  5. Isn't it nice to see your family smile and be so happy? Great photos! And it was really nice getting to know your parents a bit.


  6. What a great family!! Loved hearing how you comment about them. You came from good stock, girl.

  7. Your parents look great. And that arm up in the air and that smile, one happy guy! Too bad he's the competition though. Well, maybe since he's so far away I won't call him competition but let him know if he goes north, the garage sale crap, it's mine.


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