Monday, November 24, 2008

A Stone's Throw Away

Quinlan Collective is run by the husband and wife team, Billy and Patty. Ya gotta love a family run business. They are located at 116 W. Main St in Quinlan, next door to yesterday's Pink Flamingo.
I have shopped with them for years and they are always so wonderful to work with.
From fine antiques to candles to homemade soaps, you sense "family" while you are visiting QC.
Since this is their full time business, you'll notice by those hours that they "work it". Always switching things up. Re-working floor plans and set ups.
Billy and Patty have a good eye for the good stuff and they buy and display it beautifully.
This black dresser with the gold candelabras is just beautiful!
Quinlan Collective is an easy drive (or a stone's throw) of about 15 minutes from Primitiques. When you go see them, tell 'em Mindy sent ya. They tend to appreciate referrals and return customers with a nice price reduction. Believe it or not, they give a 25% discount to all regular customers. Wow!
Yesterday, I inquired if you knew what these loopy things are on the tree. Pam of Frippery nailed it. They are old blind or shade pulls. As Mom explained it, the old roller, window shades would come with a hole in the bottom, center. Folks would loop the pull through the hole for an easy reach when the blinds were up. I have a lot of these and I see crafts or just bulk hangings in their future. You could glue a picture in the center. Wear it as a necklace and rest your eye glasses in them when not needed. Lots of promise! I am willing to ship these little things, so holler if you are interested. They are $2 each.
Look! Another sneak peak at Holidays at Primitiques!

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  1. Wow! 25%? That's quite the incentive! We can only get 10% around here. When I make it to Texas, I will do my best to make it to your store and theirs!



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