Saturday, November 1, 2008

My House Rules

A couple days ago, I mentioned that my house rule regarding decorating is the decor must be old or art to come in and stay. And, as promised, here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Guest bedroom.

Guest bath. I don't have Grandad's teeth, but I do have his shaving brushes.

I find that old skis make great shelves. This and the next 3 pictures are my dining room.

Looking at these pictures (which were taken over a year ago), I find myself wanting some change. I've lived with this look for a while. I'm due for some new ideas and fresh looks.

Speaking of which, I bought some kick booty, primitive file cabinets yesterday. As soon as they get out of my truck and into their new home, I'll get some pics up. They are amazing. And the story behind them becoming mine is pretty funny. Either I, or Mayron will tell you that story. I will give a plug to Tony at Town Square Mall, 102 College St in Sulphur Springs (903-438-0286). He plays well with others. Go see him!

Oh! And
Mayron and Marcie are getting ready for a show, which is set for Tuesday, November 18. Ooo la la. I know nothing, but I know they are good and it will be an amazing show. Maybe soon, I'll post some pics from previous shows. Stay tuned.

Happy Saturday! ~Mindy


  1. That door is tres cool. Whatcha thinking about changing to. Which way does the wind blow? Inquiring minds want to know. Tn'T

  2. I would like to maintain the old and art rule. But, that really doesn't confine me. Maybe I'll price my entire home content, open the doors and free up some space. Then I can explore new avenues with the money I make. Hmmm...We'll see!

  3. I've heard of others doing just that. I'm attached to so many of my items that I think I'd have a hard time doing it. Great idea though!

    And you have such great pieces!

  4. That's just how I felt about my Toy Room. One day I woke up and I was done with it...with a little prodding from YOU! I'm much happier with it. Clear it all out, girl, and start over!

    The Texas Woman

  5. Love your home. I enjoy having family heirlooms about me also to keep all the great memories fresh. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep up the good collecting.


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