Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Party with Joy!

A party is planned. Enjoy the pictures and then, check out your invitation. Yes, you have to come to Poetry, Texas for it. Won't that be fun?

Would you look at how smart y'all are? I said I needed suggestions for these stands a couple posts ago, and I got some great ideas! Yes, I may add embellishments to the paper. Kinda bland now. But, you can see it coming together, can't you?

The back left one is sporting one of those dry cleaner hanger things with a clip. I threw a business card on that. And the other pics are of Mom and Dad. Kinda cute with the clothes pins, eh?

An s-hook went into the top of this stand. And the wreath is filled with my grandmother's old broaches and earrings. She had quite the collection!

Not bad as a hat holder with the cloth ball thingy.

Joy, indeed! I love that y'all helped me with this!

Now for the party. We are having an Open House at Primitiques 'n Poetry and YOU are invited! We'll have punch and cookies, special discounts and a drawing for Margo's Junk Calendar.

Saturday, November 29, 1pm-4pm. Invite your friends. This does happen to be First Monday. So, come see us after you've spent the morning in Canton. Perfect!

Also, notice that I added some local antique businesses to my sidebar. If you have a local business (within about 20 miles), holler and I'll gladly add your info.

ho Ho HO!!!


  1. Your stands look good. Better than what I was going to suggest - toilet paper holders! I especially like the s-hook idea. You could hang anything on it!

    The Texas Woman

  2. What kind of punch are you going to be serving?Eggnot I hope. Tn'T

  3. I so wish I could come to your party. I'm sure it will tons of fun!! You've truly taken a piece of trash and created a treasure. Each of ideas are lovely. I love the wreath!

  4. I absolutely love the clipped on vintage photos! Very nice!

    Your open house sounds fun. I hope you share a lot of photos from it with us.


  5. Nice, Mindy! They look great grouped together!


  6. JOY! You taught me the meaning, my love.


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