Friday, January 28, 2011

New Goods at The P

There is a framed photo of my first cat, Ellie Mae, in my entry way. I have owned that frame for at least 10 years. For whatever reason (I am old), I can't remember where I bought the frame. This would be a good place to insert said framed photo, but I didn't take a picture of it. Just believe me. It's there and I like it.

So, I recently decided to expand inventory at The Primitique.
Giddy Up
I do love creating space with antiques.Which one?
And Robelyn's redneck chic line is sew much fun to carry!
The corner
The Swan Creek Candles we sell are amazing!

So, what was next? Thinking along the lines of what The P is about, I knew that whatever I brought in should be made in America. I like supporting artists. I like the idea of someone making something out of salvaged goods/recycling.

I looked at the framed Ellie Mae and wondered...

Upon removing the back covering of the frame, I saw it. The name of the company. Dare I hope that it was still up and running? A quick search revealed that indeed, Dryads Dancing was still in bidness. I read about Margaret, the owner and artist. I perused the website. I appreciated the "feel". I signed on and placed an order.

I love Dryads Dancing.
2011January28_frames and hearts 004
Salvaged Wood HeartsMagnet Boards
Magnet Boards
2011January28_frames and hearts 011
Love them!
Wood Frames
Wood frames.
magnet boards
Did I mention that I love the magnet boards? Dryads Dancing is going to be a fun company to re-order from over and over again. Don't you think?

Oh. I bought more frames. Come to The P and check 'em out!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Hi Mindy -
    Oh what yummy new treasures you have! I wished I lived closer, I love the beautiful metal piece the hobby horse is sitting on in the first photo. That would make a PERFECT coffee table for me ;)

  2. Love all of your new goodies! What a great line off frames and magnet boards...very unique for the "primitique"!
    Happy Junkin! Cathy aka GGJ

  3. Hi, Mindy, love the magnet boards, too! they're fabulous as are the purses:)

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Mindy ~
    Those are wonderful treasures
    in your shop !!!


  5. Oh how I would love to come see your frames and your kitty in the frame. Actually I would love and come visit your whole store and I think I will this Spring Break or summer. I am going to try and organize a road trip for some of us Springfield gals to come see what we've been missing (and from the looks of your store ~ A lot! Blessings ~ Katie

  6. I absolutely love, love, love the magnet boards!!! I live in Illinois so it will be near impossible to make it to your lovlies in person!!! Dreaming of it someday!!! Love your blog!!

  7. So much great stuff at The P, Mindy!

  8. I LOVE YOUR SHOP!!!!! I want that big old wood table! I love the hearts, boards, and everything. I'm going to have to google map your shop from my Sis' house. I plan on going to Bedford, Texas for a whole week in August. If it's not to far My mom, Sister, and I will come bye and have some buns. I am so HAPPY for you! Make me a button for your shop and I'll put it on my blog. LMAO, Not like I get a lot of visitors. : )~


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