Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Uninvited Guest

He could have lived with me forever, but for the poop.

Poop. Literally. On my kitchen counters. The uninvited guest messed up. Behind the fridge, and his existence could have been his own secret. But, poop on the countertops is unacceptable.

It's not that I didn't want to be hospitable, but the mouse had to go. David set the live trap and it didn't take long before the door snapped shut and Mickey was caught. (Fyi, Mickey likes Cheerios.)

On our way down the road, we stopped to let the house mouse free. Check out how quick I was with the camera. I wasn't sure that I got the shot, because Mickey was ready to go find a new home after we had a little talk about manners.
David and the mouse
Do you see the blur?
I'm Free!
Wheeeeee! Happiness abounds in the life of this mouse. Perhaps he will find a new home and perhaps, he will not poop on the countertops. I told him not to. After all, the next house might not have a live trap.

Happy Day!


  1. That's awesome! Thanks for being kind enough to do the catch and release trap.

  2. We've had tons of mice her in KY this year! Not so many last year! But this year they are trying to take over the place!

  3. Okay...I am glad Mickey is gone! You were kinder than I would have been. Have a fun, poop free day!

  4. Nothing gives me the creeps like mice so I probably wouldn't have been as kind as you either. I've always said I would rather have an elephant in the house then a mouse. Glad your rid of yours. Jan

  5. Yikes! he may have been happy to he may not have been a bachelor...just sayin' ;)

  6. you know I have a mental picture of your whippin' that camera out, right?


    I hope he finds more cheerios...
    ;-D robelyn

  7. Crud. Anne, I am sorry. My finger hit reject instead of accept. Grrr! Here's what she said, y'all:

    Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig has left a new comment on your post "The Uninvited Guest":

    Bravo to you for setting a live trap. That impresses me and says a whole bunch about your character. There's a well known blogger who thinks it's hi-freakin-larious to blog about all the mice she kills in her McMansion. Not cool! /rant

    Anyhoo, well done! :-)

  8. David just left this link on my blog. I have a mouse too and he's outsmarting us! I can't believe you got a shot of him running free. Very cool. I kill. Sorry, but it's true, and only if I can actually catch the little varmint.


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