Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cocoon of Warmth

Guest bathroom heater
When I was growing up, this was my bathroom.
Guest bath heater
It was my room of warmth. Warmth for pottying. Warmth for brushing teeth. Warmth for taking a bath or shower. Warmth.
Close heater
See this heater? I loved this heater. I miss this heater.

When I was a child, after dad woke me up every morning, I'd run to the bathroom, turn the heater on, then run back to my bed until a cocoon of warmth had been established. I loved to shower in the cocoon.
To this day, I need a cocoon in the bathroom during the winter months. But, I use a space heater at my house. Not a nice, fancy heater on the ceiling.

I miss the heater on the ceiling.

It's supposed to drop into the 20's tonight. Will someone come over and turn the space heater on for me in the morning, so that my cocoon will be achieved before I get up?




  1. Oh My...I love these type of heaters and you are right, they were so awesome in the winter. I have a friend who just bought a house and they have this kind of heater, but it does not work. I have insisted that they get it fixed...I just know they will love it!
    Thanks for the I gotta go get warm!

  2. Where's that David when you need him? I jump up & turn the heat up then jump back in bed until it's warm enough to make coffee. It's suppose to be 5 degrees here tonight so I feel your pain. Stay warm!!! Jan

  3. I have gas heaters and one is in one of my is really cozy.

  4. We had a built in electric heater in the bathroom with only a toilet and sink. I would take my bath in the other one and run in there to get dressed. I remember my mom found burned toilet paper on the ground. Of course everyone knew it was the brother. This heater was on the wall not on the ceiling. It would get the reddest coils. I am sure it had a lot of safety issues.

  5. we have a small wall heater in our bathroom that I love on those cold, cold mornings. But I would LOVE to have the one you grew up with!

  6. In our only bathroom...we have one of those recessed places for a heat bulb. Man alive...that thing can make it like a sauna in there! Growing up we had a wall heater...don't want to bump into that nekkid and wet!

  7. I would love a heater in my bathroom !!
    Your bathroom growing up is the perfect
    coziness !!


  8. I had to have a little ceramic heater on yesterday while working upstairs in my craft room. It was 20 below here yesterday and I'm not even pulling your warm(er than mine) leg!

  9. We had a wall heater growing up in West Texas and my brother backed into it when he was about 6 yrs old...he would so kill me for sharing. But you couldn't beat that little heater...the bathroom was the first stop in the morning to warm up before breakfast.


  10. We too had heaters like this in our bathrooms. My mom always had the bathroom heated when we awoke. I too miss those heaters.

  11. On the ranch, we had a gas wall heater in the bathroom.

    I had mixed feelings about it-
    It scared me to death, but I loved the way it made the bathroom feel.

    I am such a scaredy cat!

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  12. We're thrilled that the high was above zero today. Yay! Send some of that 20 degree weather up here, please! :)

  13. I must say, I totally enjoyed reading about y'alls bathroom heaters and your needs for cocoons! Who knew we ALL love our bathroom heaters! ~Mindy


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