Friday, February 4, 2011

Delay of Game

2 redneck chairs
The redneck called this morning and requested that we reschedule the Super Bowl. She said she thinks the pucks won't be able to go through the baskets, because of all the snow. Bless her heart.
Cold Angel
We do strongly believe that if you were to sit on our tailgate, your booty would freeze to it.

Therefore, in the interest of your safety and well-being, we have decided to reschedule our Tailgate Party at The P.

Stay tuned for the date.
Cold Goodies
The Primitique will be open for business Saturday. If you're in our area, be sure to stop by!
Snow on Chair
Happy Weekend, Stay Warm and don't sit on any cold tailgates!


  1. After you blow dry that remember
    you are bringing two to my house :)


  2. Good idea...postponing! I was worried for you guys! Come to think of it, I have heard Robelyn saying "puck" a lot! :)


  3. Well DUH!...everyone knows you cant tee off in the snow. How could they have to stuporbowl like that!!

  4. Looks like Deidra and I are not going to Canton either! Hey, maybe we could team up at the tail gate! Wink!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  5. Bahh - what a bunch of wimps. A little ice and snow shouldn't be a problem. I guess that I'll go ice fishing on the lake instead.

  6. It is amazing what a little frozen water can do to plans. Sorry you have to postpone...have a great weekend and STAY WARM!

  7. This may end up being a "good thing", as I do believe we are going to have more guest vendors to entice you! Stay tuned! ~Mindy

  8. Oh my, you are having Ohio weather! Wish I could come on down and browse through your shop on Saturday!

  9. Did Mr. Flannery just call us wimps? That's it...
    I'm throwing my dodgeball at him

    That's what the superbowl is, right? Dodgeball championships? where they play it in the ally? With the pool sticks?

    Yeah, I thought so...

  10. Hey, maybe I can come now! Me and the sisters went to First Monday...We ain't no whimps!, lol, Lezlee

  11. So glad there is girls like me that will get out in the snow to buy any kind of treasures

    I went yesterday however it was all indoors

    I have enjoyed all this snow because i have kept my heat and electricity on makes a difference.

    I want to go to first Monday and Canton and TEXAS



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