Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow and Music Holders

My backyard
Look! It snowed in my backyard! Pretty!

Yes. The snow picture is pretty much a necessity, since I'm in Texas and it's so rare around here. Ready to talk shop?

I mentioned that I would be working at The Primitique Saturday, and lots of y'all came out to play with me. Thanks! I'm going to have to schedule a work day/play day more often!

Something everyone missed out on were these old music holder/clip thingies, used on band instruments. See?
2011January10_The Primitique 016
They can serve as architectural oddities...
2011January10_The Primitique 005
or picture holders.
Cobbler Forms
They are all different, making it an interesting challenge to figure how and where to place them.
Pretty face
This one is holding one of my business cards.
2011January10_The Primitique 008
Don't you love them? If you are impressed with how good they look everywhere, go give my man, David props. He came in to The P at the end of the day and threw these around everywhere. He's just that good. (And go check out his latest post, would ya? David has announced a goal he has set for himself. I'm sure he'd love to hear your words of encouragment!)
Kelly at The P
Here is my sister, after she spent a few hours helping me restock and reset the store. Isn't she a ham?
Snowy in the springs
Yeah, I couldn't help but share one more picture of the snow. Sorry to all you folks who see it all the time. We get all goofy when it snows in Texas! *wink*

Happy Day!


  1. Oh, thank you, sweetheart! I didn't do much, though. You worked on it all day and then I show up and just piddle around for fifteen minutes and you give me props! :-)

    Love your photos! By the way, I posted another blog since the goal one. Go look! XO!

  2. Hey your snow pics! You could not even tell that it snowed here in the metroplex!
    Guess it all went East! Cathy aka GGJ

  3. You got that much snow??? Seriously??? Sigh.

    Okay, you sold me. Email me and let me know how many music thingies you have and how much you want. Thanks, David! Sigh.


  4. Mindy ~
    I LOVE the music thingies !!!!
    What awesome ideas and pictures !


  5. Those music holders are really cool!

  6. The music holders are so cool Mindy! It's still on my "to do" list to come shop the P.

  7. Great idea with the music holders! I'll have to keep my eyes open for these. Love your blog, have a wonderful day, Carol Mae

  8. I love the music holders! Too bad I live too far away to go and play on you didn't know I was a poet!

    Anyway, the store looks great! David did do a good job. He came by my blog and threw out a challenge to me on my last post, so I had to go and mess with him a little on his running post! I think he already has me beat with his last picture that he posted...wasn't it gorgeous? I guess I better get busy with the snapping, huh?

    Oh, and I wanted to say thanks, too for your sweet comments on my post the other day. They made me smile.


  9. Hey Mindy, love the music holders. judy

  10. I must admit that I am glad the snow was heavier your way! We got some in Fort Worth, but it did not stick much...whew! I love the music thingies...great idea.

  11. Oh my goodness, I totally wish I lived in Texas so I could go to your shop! I love those music holders, and I would absolutely buy one (well, depending on the price).

  12. Hi Mindy, I have two of those music thingies. I love them! Keep warm, sandi

  13. Fyi, the music thingies are a mere $3 each...there are 4 which are on leather arm band/straps. Those are $5 each. Come and get 'em! ~Mindy


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