Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More of My Master Suite

I had so much fun reading y'alls comments yesterday! Thanks for giving your opinions.
(Troy, the chairs can't go with you. *wink*)

While I did not go buy paint today, I did remember to put the ficus tree back into the corner. Makes a difference, doesn't it?
Much better!
Master Tree
If I were to paint, I'm still leaning toward a lighter color. Or maybe warmer. I'm undecided.
Dressing Area
Let me introduce you to my dressing area. This is the area that houses all of my jewelry and perfume. See?
This hand is so much fun with rings on every finger!

(Dear potential burglar, nothing here is of monetary value. If you figure out where I live, and you load all this up, you and the pawn store will be greatly disappointed by my lack of expensive taste.)
Earring Stand
I bought this metal tower at a thrift store the other day. It was orange and it wasn't priced. When I inquired about the price, the lady asked what I was going to do with it. (Seriously? I know better.) I told her that I'd let her know after she quoted me a good price. After she quoted, I purchased. Then I told her that I was thinking of using it for an earring tower. I think she wanted it back. Too late!

Voila! Silver paint and it works perfect!
Jewelry Dresser Top
A friend was over this weekend and she commented that this area would be a little girls dream come true. Well, call me a little girl, because I do love my dressing area!

Now, let me tell you a little secret. It takes more time for me to pick out jewelry than it does to choose an outfit!

More of my home to come.

Happy Day!


  1. love your dressing area! that is too cute and too clever! not to mention that you've got all kinds of cute bling!

  2. That wall that your bed is against BEGS for an accent color! Alternatively, you could paint the ceiling :)
    No kidding it takes you forever to decide what jewelry to wear! You have more right there than I have in my shop!
    Looks great!

  3. OK, your dressing area blows me away. I LOVE it! It is a dream. I totally love how you displayed all of your jewelry. It's awesome.

    I also like your disclaimer to potential thieves. I think the same thing about my stuff. My house is the wrong house to rob!

    Is that a real tree? If so, I'm very impressed you can keep it alive. I tend to kill everything. Except my kids of course! I water and feed them well. ;-)

  4. Is that an architectural drawing in leiu of a mirror over the other dresser?

  5. I think you are related to my daughter! She has a dressing area in her walkin closet like that! Think it is fun. Cute room.

  6. Scarlett, that's what I've been wondering about. But, alas, what color/shade?

    Tricia, Thank you! The tree is not real. And a decorator friend just told me to ditch the dust collector. ugh

    Mr. Flannery, the dresser is topped with what I call a ghost mirror. The mirroring is ghosty. Love it?

  7. Your room looks great. I think I would accent the wall that your bed is on...with a subtle print..I've seen harlequin done almost transparent, lace patterns, etc. I have to say your dressing room is every girls dream...oh the hours that could be spent playing dress up ;)

  8. I like the dress up area... I see several sparklin' things that I need. LOLOL

    ;-D robelyn

  9. referred some folks to you!! have a great day


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