Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quirky, Vintage, Salvaged Goodness

Two boxes came to the store this morning and I was on a tight schedule, so I loaded them in my car. They rode in silence as I giggled out loud. I was giddy excited to see the new line of salvaged goodness.
Dreaded Peanuts
I got where I was going and in the parking lot, with great difficulty and much exhuberance, I got the first box open. Peanuts. Does anyone else hate these static cling puffs of ickyness? After digging around, and pulling out some amazing, kick booty stuff, I moved to the second box. Tape can be the enemy, you know?
Must cut tape
I have a knife somewhere is my redneck chic pocketbook. But, in my frenzy, could I find it? Nope. FYI, cuticle nippers work on tape, too.
Look! After digging through more dadgum peanuts, I found these two.

Salvaged wood.


I LOVE salvaged wood.

Look! A key on each one. And other salvaged, hardware goodness. Did I mention I swoon?
Key to my salvaged wood Heart
Just in time for Valentine's Day. Yee haw!

I'll show you more salvaged goodness later. I can't have you swooning too much, all at once.

Happy Thursday!


  1. From my heart to yours...

    Handle my heart gently...

    ah - this could go on for days...

    ;-D You hold the key to my heart...

  2. Mindy, I love salvaged wood, such divine colors!

  3. the hearts. do you ship? Live in Alabama.../email me at Also, I invite you to visit my blog Leave a comment and sign up to follow if you like. I found you on "Lauri Evans Design Blog" I will be a new follower of yours! Tiff


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