Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Jibber Jabber and Gratuitous Pictures

I put "art" up at my house this weekend.
Rusty Stuff
I dragged some rust home. Soon to be at The P.
Clean Plate
This sign cracks me up every time I walk by it in my driveway.
2011January25_The Box 004
Here is a gratuitous pic of my hot boyfriend. Oh, but, check out that box he is leaning against, would you?
The box
The box is metal. An old well pump box/closet kinda thing.
2011January25_The Box 002
I fell in deep like with it. But, couldn't figure out who would want it for what. If you want it, tell me and I'll go back and get it for you.
Ford Tailgate yellow
Here is a gratuitous picture of a tailgate to remind you that we're having a Tailgate Party at The P on Saturday, February 5, from 10-6.
Here is a gratuitous picture of
Robelyn of redneck chic . She will be at The Primitique sharing her latest, greatest creations. Pocketbooks, slips, hats, shirts.

I know some of you folks live far away, like in another state. But if you're in Texas, you should come. You're close enough. Really. Oklahoma. You are close enough. You should come, too. So, Texas and Oklahoma, we'll see you at The P. Louisiana, seriously. You may as well cross the border, too. Most of the borders of Texas are unprotected. Come one, come all! And do feel free to share this info, bring friends and family, and bring large trucks with trailers attached.

I just found out that our salvaged wood frames and salvaged metal frames, as well as some salvaged Valentine's creations, will be present for the party! We are excited to offer this new line of goodies at The Primitique.

Also, we'll be serving Tailgate Party snacks. Would you prefer a chocolate or vanilla moonpie?

And there you have it. Random Jibber Jabber and Gratuitious Pictures.

Happy Day!


  1. Wish I could be there. sounds like great fun. One of these days....

  2. You know I would be there if I could. Altho it's looking better every day with this holy flippin' weather we are having. This is the worst winter I can remember in a long time...geesh. Gotta tell you this: my son went to see Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall (sp?) when they came to Fargo and when Jeff got on stage he said, "Holy crap - it's COOOOLLD here! What did you people do to piss off God?!" :) Damn, funny, huh?!

    Now, back to my glass of wine...


  3. Yep and apparently even the protected borders have fences that can be scaled in 18 seconds-did you see that on the news? But ya know - who wanted to get to Texas?!

  4. I always miss your fun parties since I live in another state :((( Have a wonderful time, love the pic of the hot boyfriend. too cute


  5. Meant to say "who wouldn't want to get to Texas?"

  6. Your blog always makes me smile! Good luck at the P!

  7. I have a friend named Art...

    Mindy - I'm so glad you didn't hang him on your wall. I'm just sayin'.

    The metal box (with some air holes drilled in to it - perhaps a sun roof... (maybe not as heavy) would make a cool photo booth!!! Where's Malisa...


  8. Hey, did you make your art out of the back of an old refrigerator? That's what it looks like to me. I'm only saying that, because I noticed mine the other day and it's full of dust...gross. Yours is very clean and looks quite cute.

    The box David is standing against looks kinda like an outhouse. Just paint a moon on the door. ;-)


  9. FringeGirl, you are so right. It is an old refrigerator coil. I am sure it was once filled with cat hair and dust....well, maybe it was!

    I did suggest the outhouse idea to David! We are likeminded, you and me. ~Mindy

  10. hey...you might just see this Louisiana girl at your tailgate! Save a chocolate moonpie, just in case.

  11. Adrienne! Get out! I'm going to your blog to say something there, too. Oh my goodness! I'm so excited!


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