Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grab your Popcorn (a soap box is coming)

I was walking along at Albertson's grocery store, loading up the buggy. It's been cold and I've been craving popcorn. There, on the popcorn shelves, I spied cheddar cheese. Yum!
Look! 100% whole grain. That sounds healthy. Better still, there was a coupon dispenser spitting out coupons for 40 cents off. Yee haw!

I got everything I wanted and headed to check out. Self check-out. I hate self check-out. I have not noticed the prices going down since Albertson's quit hiring people to help me check out. So, why aren't I getting paid to do this job? Just sayin'. But, I digress. (A whole nother soap box is coming. Hold on to your hat)
After I scanned the box of flavorful fun, the computer indicated that it had no clue what the heck I was talking about. Something about "unknown barcode." Huh.

I turned to the fellow who has been hired to supervise the non-paid hired help.

He came over and said "Oh. We only have a couple of these boxes. They are an off brand."

To which I replied "Dude. It's Orville Redenbacher."

He asked "Where did you get this?

I answered "The popcorn aisle." (duh) (which, by the way, was 1 aisle over from where we stood)

He said, in his gansta wanna be lingo, "You can have it."

Ok. Now, the business owner in me came out. In my head, I was like "Huh? Move your feet (or butt) over to that aisle, get the code, enter it in, fill out the paperwork so that it is recognized by the computer, and HELLO? Do your job! YOU, after all, ARE being paid to be here!"

Instead, I said "Well, here's the coupon that your store has in a coupon dispenser, right smack dab next to the Orville Redenbacher popcorn." Trying to make a point.

To which he replied "You can keep it."

Nope. I didn't get his name. And yes, I took the free popcorn, with the coupon.

One of my best buds happens to be the sister of the store manager. She'll be reading this and forwarding it to the boss in just a few seconds. And yes. I will pay him for the popcorn. This was not a favor from the young lad. It was an inconvenience to him. And I don't really want to contribute to society by ignoring his lack of responsibility or professionalism.

People, if we are going to complain about poor work ethics, we should make an effort to do something about it. After all, from what I hear, there are people looking for jobs out there. Perhaps, someone with more loyalty to their employer could be employed. (this is me stepping down from the soap box and heading to the microwave)
popcorn and snow
Did I mention it's been cold and I've been craving popcorn?

Happy Day!


  1. Mindy ~
    Ohhhh girl!!! I am constantly
    in amazement at the
    people working that could
    care a darn less about their jobs !!!
    It is kind of widespread I have really
    noticed lately ~

  2. It's too bad he doesn't work at a bank. ;-)

  3. Hope your popcorn was yummy! (We pop Act II or III or something with movie theatre butter ... terrible for you.)


  4. Tooooo funny! It amazes me how little people really appreciate their jobs! Perhaps he should let someone work in his positions that really WANTS to work!

  5. Lee Iacocca said in the '70s that as a country, the only thing we had left to offer was service and that even that was becoming a thing of the past. How true and how prophetic considering what we have to deal with now. I'm with you girl 100%. Give me back my checkers with a smile and the cute guy to carry my bags to the car. Oh and while you're at it...I want my guy back with the little hat at the pump. Check under your hood ma'am?
    P.S. David, when that happens I'll be next in line behind you!

  6. I just read David's comment and I'm laughing out loud! I love popcorn. Really I do. I go to the movies just to buy popcorn. I really don't even need to watch the movie.

    You're right. There are a lot of people looking for jobs who would be glad to go check on the price of a box of popcorn.

    It's cold here too, but I can't eat any popcorn. I just registered with SparkPeople...some kind of free diet site. Now I have to punch in everything I eat. Please tell me losing 20 pounds will be worth a popcorn (with extra butter) fast.


  7. Here's my "scan your own" story -- I decided to use one when it was busy at the store & only had a couple items. The first item I scanned was on sale so I knew the price & it came thru at regular price. I called someone over to ck. it & he said "oh, these don't have the sale prices in them". Needless to say, I don't use them anymore. Enjoy your popcorn!!!! Jan

  8. Thanks, everyone! At the hour I go to the store, they have closed down the checkouts and the only choice is self-check. And since the checkouts are closed, the baggers are gone, too. And there sure as heck isn't anyone there to help unload it in the parking lot. I like the store. Have shopped with them for years. Just don't like their night time policies.

    Did y'all catch that the popcorn was 100% whole grain? What other kind of popcorn is there? This cracked me up. ~Mindy

  9. Mindy oh my dear sweet Mindy move over girl...May I stand on your soapbox for a minute!

    Several years ago I was in a store that had just added self check out employee walked over espousing the niceties of said machine but interjected that it did havce a few bugs! I looked her in the eye and asked her, "You do realize this machine is being put here to do away with the jobs of many employees in this store as well as others across the nation?" She stopped, the gears were starting to turn in her brain and she walked away. I've never used one of those machines...never will...I hope...

    Customer Service used to have meaning now it is an sad!

    Okay, thank you for letting me vent and for the use of your soapbox!


  10. Oh I just read this and YES YES YES. it is this mentality that helps RAISE our prices at teh grocery store. because that item has now "mysteriously" disappeared from inventory with no cash income.. the store has to make up money for "stolen" items by raising prices on all items.


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