Monday, January 24, 2011

Conversations with the redneck

Mindy to Robelyn: You are past due for showing your face at The P. Should we have a redneck chic trunk show at The Primitique?
Bins and old tool box
Robelyn to Mindy: trunk show? what's a trunk? ain't no red.neck gonna have a trunk show... a tailgate party? yup... tailgatin's good...
Mindy to Robelyn: Hmmm...a Tailgate Party...Let's do it. Saturday, February 5 from 10-6. It'll be Super Bowl Weekend. Maybe some bloggers will be in town for the game.

Robelyn to Mindy: Who's playing?

Mindy to Robelyn: The playoff games are this weekend.
Cowboys Fan
Robelyn to Mindy: Are the Cowboys playing?

Mindy to Robelyn: Seriously? (^me in Cowboys shirt^)

Next conversation:
Mindy to Robelyn: What food should we serve at the Tailgate Party at The P?

Robelyn to Mindy: Pepsi and moonpies.

Mindy to Robelyn: I'll make queso for nachos.

Next conversation:
Mindy to Robelyn: What are you bringing, as the featured vendor at The P's Tailgate Party?

(Yee haw! Robelyn's bringing arm loads of more Saddle Tramps shirts! Can you say pearl snaps?)

And then, she stopped returning my calls. My bet? Robelyn is in the la.bor.a.tory with Kate Spade, the dress form, creating more pocketbooks to bring to the Tailgate Party at The P.
left front corner
Are you coming? And if so, do you prefer the double decker moonpie or single?

Happy Day!


  1. Great idea!!!Wish I could be there:) I will be doing a show and then watching the Super Bowl!!!Eat a double decker moonpie for me;)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Sounds like great fun! I wish I could come.

  3. Oh, gee, that sounds fun! What? No RC Cola? Hope you girls have fun. Sorry I have to miss the Junk In The Trunk party!


  4. Mindy, this party sounds like a blast, but can you please explain what a moonpie is?

  5. Oh my goodnessssss........ Zita - you HAVE to come now!!! I can't believe you don't know what a moonpie is!!! Think... marshmallow - graham cracker and a chocolaty GREATNESS on the outside! I'll meet you on tailgate number 3 with one.

    This is going to be FUN! I can't believe the laboooooratory was once that clean. Uhmm.... this morning I tripped over some shirts - some pocketbooks and a cheese grater. Uh huh.

    ;-D Robelyn
    (we have to rescue Zita.)

  6. I wish I could go!!! Have fun! I think you should send Zita all the leftover moonpies...not that there will be any leftover! lol

  7. Moonpies are great, but you have to eat them with RC Cola!!!!
    Y'all should see my Tweetie purse that was made 'specially for me by the RedNeck Kid....neener, neener......

  8. I love it! Genius marketing, and those shirts are to die for! Maybe she will have some in the spring... Have fun girls!

  9. Oh, I wish! Nebraska is just a bit too far! But, I'll enjoy it through your blogs!


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