Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh My!

I'm a girl
Yup! It's true. I'm a girl. Are you a girl? Do you know a girl? Do you know a girl who wears a size small? More specifically, do you know a girl who wears a size small and who is pregnant?
Maternity - small
I can only imagine being with child and getting to wear this Saddle Tramp maternity shirt, designed by Robelyn of red.neck chic. Isn't it the best?

We have this girl shirt, as well as an entire rack of other girl shirts at The Primitique. Mindy will be at the store Saturday after 11 to help talk you into anything you want!
rnc Corner
Oh, Look! Purses and boots and hats, oh my! You will need a mirror to look into while you are trying on the girl shirts and purses and boots and hats. We have mirrors! Perfect!
Mirrors. See? Each and every mirror will be 20% off Saturday only. Bring some packing quilts and come load up on girl shirts, purses and boots and hats, and mirrors, oh my!
The corner
We also have just a few holiday scented candles left. Come and get them for $9 each. You can relive the feeling of Christmas, as you load up on the girl shirts, the purses and boots and hats, the mirrors and the holiday scented candles!

Oh my! Saturday is going to be a fun day at The P!

Happy Day!


  1. Shop looks GREAT - have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love your shop! And that top is great! I also had my eyes on those PINK cowgirl boots!!!!!!!Fun, fun, fun:)
    Have a great weekend:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Oh my, I am being called back to Texas. If only I could heed the call! Looks dreamy Mindy.

  4. Love that shirt...she's so creative!

  5. I should be there with you. What the heck is wrong with me? I love that shirt - why can't I wear it?

    Have fun!!! And call me... a lot. Okay?


  6. They aren't checking the borders anywhere in Texas. Y'all can come come see me!

    Robelyn, I hope to be too busy to call you. ~Mindy

  7. So, how is it going? The shop looks great... don't know about Tx but Feb is the sloooooooooow month in retail, I hope you had a great Christmas. I have not missed it, but then I have been busier since I closed. Go figure.
    Wishing you a great weekend

  8. hey, mindy.
    remind me what town your wonderful shop is in...(

    and, again, so good seeing you at warrenton, clocks or no clocks. :)


  9. Hi Rebecca! It's going well. I like playing at The P, but, I do still have my real job.

    Hi Jan! The Primitique is in Royse City. If you look on my sidebar, up close to the top, you will see all the info. I might have some clocks in the spring at Zapp. Come see us! ~Mindy


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