Monday, February 8, 2010


David and I got to play a little this weekend at Primitiques. Wanna see?
2010February8_Primitiques 022

Check out this stack o' mirrors. All are frameless, some are backed with wire hangers. There are quite a few, and this holder/display thing is perfect for pics and mirrors, huh?!

I fell in love with this green locker. We had fun "dressing" it up.

David took that picture up there. Isn't he good?
2010February8_Primitiques 009

The free item at Primitiques this week is this late 1800's Hungarian Flax Cutter.


Hungarian Flax Cutter

I used it as a quilt holder. It's cool. It's primitive. It's yours for the taking. Free. I'll have it to the store by 10am Tuesday (tomorrow morning). Strike that. It will be in the store at opening at 8:30am. Come and get it! No holds. No dibs. I'll let you know when it's gone.

Happy Monday! ~Mindy


  1. I love the baby crib, and all those mirrors. That holder looks like something the art teachers put the kids paintings on to dry. I love your store. Lezlee

  2. Thanks, Lezlee! I've been raring to reset the front. But, I'll keep the red/pink thing going til Valentine's Day, then I am tearing it all up again for a reset. With new goodies coming in regularly, I have plenty to play with. And I LOVE to play! Come again soon! ~Mindy

  3. Okay, I am ready for another trip to Poetry real soon! Yes, David is very good and YOU are very good!

  4. Ah Mindy ...such awesome finds and what a Cool Free item ..If I were there I'd be beating it down to the store for that Freebie ..Pretty soon your going to have people waiting in line know a whole group of gals with Big Purses ready to bash it out ..LOL !!!


  5. I love the baby crib. It's too bad it couldn't really be used for a baby. It would be great in a shop though holding baby stuff. Very cute.

    That flax thing is cool. I would've never guessed it's use.


  6. That crib that y'all are loving can be used as a day bed. One or both sides will fold down, leaving the ends up. I was told that it is a French youth bed, as it is actually lower and longer than a typical crib. Cool, eh?

    Malisa, when ya comin?

  7. Did someone say free? Too bad Texas is so far from Minnesota! I'd travel almost anywhere for something free. Well maybe not anywhere, but free is always good. I'm kind of liking that tall chippy piece is the locker. And I love brown transferware! Good stuff!

  8. I love the baby crib, and the table that's setting in the green locker, and what is that behind the table,it looks pretty cool too. I have got to get over to Poetry.

  9. Daphne, it is an old screen, behind the table. Come on out!

    UPDATE: The flax cutter will be at the store by opening at 8:30am. I forgot that my schedule is different tomorrow. Happy freebie to someone!

  10. I bet I know where you've been shopping!
    Fun stuff!

  11. Your free stuff is so cool! Lucky Northeast Texans!


  12. Love that small white door and that baby crib is tdf!

  13. gurlfrien'

    I love the stack of mirrors!!! That's a cool rack!!! AND the green locker! I'm all over the locker. I believe you may be the display diva... I'm just sayin'.

    Happy flax'n to the lucky picker-upper!!! Hey, that sort of sounds like a holiday...hmmm...

    ;-) robelyn

  14. I am lovin' that French youth bed! Lucky person who snatches up your freebie! Wish I lived closer. :)

  15. Hello
    Love all of it, especially the mirrors on the rack! It looks like you had fun and it shows

  16. Hey girlie... having a drawing for us texas gals! Pop over and see me.. hugs!


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