Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trough Play

I was so sure that this old trough would look great on my harvest table. I stacked it on top of the marble on the cotton sack. Look.
2010February4 001
No need to get excited about filling it with anything. It's wrong. So, then I did this.
2010February4 004
Huh uh. Not good at all. This trough was not meant to be on this table in this room.
Let's try this from a different angle. I upended it and tried this.
2010February4 005
Not bad. But, then I tried this.
2010February4 007
This is my favorite.

Did you see what lulu redstar suggested? She said to "flip it over, put holes in the rounded part and hang it up as a super cool hanging fixture!" Wow! Wouldn't that look amazing hanging over the harvest table? Now...who do I know that does lighting? hmmm

What would you do with it?

Happy Thursday!

ps. Thanks for your input yesterday. I really needed some affirmation and ideas. Y'all rock!


  1. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about that trough going in the house, but I actually liked it on the table, and it really looks even better in the corner! You have good junk vision!

  2. I think it would be fabulous as lighting...can't wait to see what it ends up as! I do like it in the corner too!

  3. I think it looks great on the table! I imagine it filled and overflowing with spring flowers! It would look great as a lighting fixture as well!

  4. The lighting idea is good. Maybe over an old vintage pool table. But that would be a project best left to the lucky buyer! ;-)

  5. It would make a great light. Too bad we don't live closer, because my husband could turn it into a light in no time. It's what he does.

    I do like it in the corner! I think it looks great there. Very creative you are.

  6. I knew you'd have clever ideas for the trough. How about setting it atop some kind of wood feet, then add a glass top for a coffee table? You could put some interesting eye candy inside to see through the glass.

    pst...hop over when you get a chance, we're having our first every linky...bring your ideas for clever ways to display and serve superbowl snacks!!

  7. I already voted on the hang it upside down as lighting option.
    Although that last vignette IS pretty killer.
    Get it? Killer?



  8. I am agreeing with Lulu make that a light fixture.. It would look great in your booth in March..

  9. As light fixture it would totally rock! Very cool piece. Have a good weekend! jojo

  10. Dear Annie Oakley,

    I do believe that I'm liking the gun and the antlers. You know what you need? A coon hat resting on top... with the fluffy tail hangin' off to one side. Not a real one though...eeeeuuuuuuuwwwwwww!!!

    Okay - I'm seeing the light...
    Yours truly,
    Robelyn (please don't shoot your eye out)

  11. I see it with ferns and lots of them...maybe under a window or out by your day bed.

  12. Oh Mindy...I definitely love it the way you have it now! So awesome! But I think it would look cool as a light fixture too! You're a lucky dog for findin that treasure!


  13. I do like it with the gun and antlers, but a light fixture would be neat .... You just have the best ideas.


  14. Y'all are so fun! Thanks, as always, for your comments!

  15. first immediate thought was jewelry display...I bet bracelets and necklaces would lay perfectly over that curve.

    For your house, I like it on your table! Maybe just add some angel vine to soften it a bit. The lighting idea is fabulous too! What a fun piece to play around with!!


  16. cool piece...You have a lot of talent, if your like me the perfect place will hit you in the middle of the night and you'll hope to remember it by morning. have fun! Lezlee

  17. Great ideas, Mindy. I really liked the trough on the table though - think it would look fantastic filled with dried hydrangeas!


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