Friday, February 19, 2010

I've been shopping!

Hello! I know. I've been the absent blogger, but here I am and wait til you see my most current purchases. I love this big fan casing. It has square bolts, and I'm told that indicates it is probably from the 1930's. Good old stuff. Gotta love that it's still around, making people like me giddy!
2010February19_finds 001
This oversized paper cutter puts butterflies in my tummy. It's humongous! A guillotine, almost!
2010February19_finds 009
And then, there is this monstrosity.
2010February19_finds 011
2010February19_finds 010
Uh huh. Lots of drawers. 22 is what I am counting. Sweet!

My dad (and his truck) had to meet up with me at one sale and let me load the drawered piece and the paper cutter in his truck, as my truck was full from all the sales I had hit in the area earlier. See?
2010February19_finds 013
Crazy! This non-snow weather has the estate sales going today. Yee haw!
I hope to have most items cleaned up, priced and at Primitiques by about mid-morning tomorrow. Well, not the stuff in Dad's truck. It will take a few days for me to grab that.

Ah! Free Stuff Saturday. Primitiques opens at 8:30 tomorrow morning and the first 6 customers who come in and want one, will get a free, 3 way cheese grater. What does one do with such a thing, besides grate cheese? Groupings, people. Your freeby will kick off your new collection!
Cow Bells, Oil Cans and Cheese Graters
Anything in mass is fun, isn't it? This is an old picture, so don't come in looking for cowbells and oil cans. I just wanted to show you how fun the graters are in groupings. Here's your map. Come see us!

Happy Weekend!

ps. Does anyone reading this live in New Buffalo, Michigan?


  1. That fan casing definitely is a statement piece.
    How much to ship it?


    Great stuff!


  2. DANG!!! That paper cutter is huge! LOL

    I just wanna go shopping in the back of your truck. Or the back of your dad's truck. Either/or - I'm easy like that. LOLOL

    And the chains? You signin' David up on the chain-gang? hahahahahahaha

    ;-) robelyn

    oh yeah - did i mention the cabinet rocks? uhmm... yeah - it does!!!

  3. I love the fan casing, and that cool pieace with all the drawers... Thanks for sharing your great buys!!

  4. Hey woman! I'm back from vacation and checking out the blogs...

    I gotta tell you I found a similar paper cutter a couple years ago but it was smaller. It was banged up to a perfect junk perfection when I found him. I scrubbed the thing up and threw a few coats of poly on it...then for a gag, I used it for a cheese and cracker server at a party for friends at my house - everyone got a kick out of it! I was an idiot and sold it at Junk Fest. Wish I still had the dang thing...

    I am lovin' all your great finds! It's good to be back in blogland again! Andrea

  5. Great finds!!!! Can't wait for garage sales to start again. I'm afraid it might be awhile. Have a good weekend. Jan

  6. Andrea! I am loving that cheese and crackers idea. And the wine could sit up there, too, huh?

    Anne, if I still have it, you can ship it home from Warrenton! *wink*

    Daphne, come see me!

    Jan, this was the first time I'd been out roughing it for a while. And, as you can see, I had FUN! ~Mindy

  7. woohoo! you had a great shoppin' day! how i would love to fill up all those drawers or at least think about how i'd fill them up and that fan thingie is way cool!

  8. Fun junk, how big is that fan casing, looks huge? The drawers would be great for scrapbook paper.

  9. I'm totally digging the rusty chain. It won't be long now, will it? I best start getting with the program or I'm gonna be left in the dust!

  10. Mindy, you definitely can spot some interesting pieces. I'm crazy for that 22 drawer sweet cabinet! Love your idea for the cheese grater giveaway! Have a great weekend.

  11. Dang, girl you find the best stuff! I'm drooling here!

  12. Becky, it's about 4'6". Large!

    Debbie, I'm shopping like I doubled my space for this next show. OH! I did!!!

    TOT, it was an exceptionally kick booty day.

    Thanks everyone! Back to work, I go! ~Mindy

  13. You are certainly busy shopping. Love those drawers and that's a great table, too! That fan casing is one of those "arty" things!! Love it.

  14. That's a really cool window display.


  15. You find the COOLEST things! I am SO moving to Poetry!
    The Red Shed

  16. Valarie, in the VERY least, you could come visit! ~Mindy

  17. Oh what great stuff! I wish we could go junkin together...we'd have a blast!


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