Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Monday at Canton

It snowed for a nano-second in Poetry this morning. Just enough to tease. But, it is supposed to be a lovely weekend coming up. Soooo, what do we do here in Texas? We plan our lives around First Monday at Canton. Trade Days. The Flea Market of alllllllll flea markets. It's a big 'un.

The big news is...Girls Gone Junkin' have got themselves new digs. They are opening shop on Row 46 at the Paul Michael building. Uh huh. They are gonna have walls and everything. Sounds sooo much cozier than their last home, doesn't it? And you know. Or do you? They have kick booty stuff!

(Indeed. This is where I should insert a picture. But, it was cold and wet or something last month and I didn't get out there to take pics of the wild girls. Oops!)

And while you are there, on Row 46, it would be a wise choice to stop by Uniquely Different for some uniquely different shopping. Those girls work all month to bring in new, funky, cool, crazy stuff for you. Stop in and and tell 'em Mindy sent ya.
Jenny's Space 013
Then, it would be oh, so worth your while to head to the Arbors 2, spaces 207 & 208A to pay a visit to Troy, Rod and Sherry of Junk Exchange. You've never seen a slipcover til you've seen a slipcover made by Troy. And lamp shades. And. Well. Go look. Buy. Amazing stuff.

I would be derelict in my duties if I failed to remind you that Primitiques in Poetry could very well be on your way to Canton (click here for map). And even if it's not, well, come see us anyway! We have a roof and walls and a heater. There's a burger joint next door to slap your momma about. Seriously. And I've brought in enough new stuff lately to fill your truck up and then some.
2010February20_Primitiques 006
Concrete topped table
She's an Angel
All this Canton talk kinda gets my heart racing. Shopping is my favorite form of exercise, you know? Maybe I'll see you there!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. "derelict" now that's a good word! take lots of pics so those of us who won't be "exercising" this weekend can see just what we missed!

  2. Howdy my friend Mindy,
    It has been snowing here all day...not sticking though... OH CANTON, my gym... I can only hope of coming soon...and I hope to see you soon or at least when the blooms are on Shiloh...you are a hoot!
    Take care and thank you for your comment!!!

  3. yeah, I can testify about the burger joint! Great Mindy, love that first pic at your place! Everyone should go to Poetry! Lezlee

  4. Janet, I'm gonna try!

    Lee, great to hear from ya! I will be due for a visit to Shiloh after Zapp, I am sure!

    Lezlee, thank you so much! I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the store has been turned upside down since your last visit, between sales and new merchandise.


  5. So glad to hear the weather is suppose to be good!!!

  6. Going to first Monday these days.... you go girl.... I did not know that... so proud for you..

  7. Canton, would you believe I plan my vacation around first Monday. I visit a friend in TX every year and we go shopping. One problem those airlines charge for my bag of goodies now. Last year I paid more in UPS charges then I did for the chair I bought. Not cheap to ship to Oregon. But as the little sign I purchased says "Because in the end it was worth it" Love, love shopping in Texas

  8. You know that I love this weather and would love to go to Canton this weekend! Maybe I can get my daughter in law to sit with Larry so Karen and I can sneak off to Canton! I need a break and what a better way to run off and have fun? If we go, we will check out all your suggestions! I'm gonna work on that. By the way, love the green lamp you got. Love lamps from the 50s! I want to come back by your shop! Enjoy this weather!

  9. Forget Canton, Poetry looks like the place to be!
    One of these days, I'm gonna sneak up on ya and bring a U-Haul with me! :-)


  10. Your store in Poetry looks especially wonderful right now! It looks even better in person and I really like all the new stuff. Of course I'm biased, but I think all the Canton shoppers should include a visit to Poetry this weekend! Great job, baby!

  11. Slap your momma good... I'm going to load up the momma and bring here there, then i can say, "mindy made me do it.". hahahahahahaha!!!

    I am all over the junk mobile! How cool is that?!!? Oh... it all looks so fun...
    I'm on lock-down though. dang.

    ;-) robelyn
    oh yeah... I GOT SOME SNOW!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!

  12. Shopping is my ONLY form of exercise! Goal in life....make it to Poetry!


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