Monday, February 22, 2010

What's new in Poetry?

Last post, I told you I had been shopping. And. Well. Most of you know. I do love me some good shopping!

But, my next favorite thing to do, is put it all together. Wanna see what I did Saturday while playing at Primitiques in Poetry?

2010February22_Primitiques 006
2010February20_Primitiques 001
2010February22_Primitiques 010

Good times in Poetry, Texas. Click here if you'd like to see the entire Primitiques photo album. Come see us!

Happy Monday!



  1. HELLLLOOOOOOO blueprint cabinet!!! HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO Primitiques!!! And you wonder why that's my favorite place to shop....
    I spy about 50 million things I must own...

    ;-) LOVE the set up!!!

  2. i love the angel gazing, approvingly, over all your creativity!

  3. Love how you put it all together. looks great!

  4. You've got some amazing talent for making everything look wonderful!


  5. I like the way the big fan casing looks in the shop, great job in the set-up. Can you really sell such a piece in Texas? I cannot see how anyone here would buy it. And if they would they wouldn't pay enough for me to move it even the first time. Just wondering. I still have difficulty with the marketing and pricing concepts in this business.

  6. Dear Mr. Flannery, I have no idea if I can sell it in Texas. I'll let you know. But, if my gut is right, it will be gone very soon.

    Thanks everyone! It was fun putting together. Now, I just have to wait for something to sell so I can go buy and place more! he he he ~Mindy

  7. That metal table with those curved legs. Wow!

  8. Great displays, Mindy. If only I could come over to Texas and visit you...

  9. Whoa! That glass top table is a must have! Love your merchandising skills there, Ms. Mindy. Everything is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!

  10. This back surgeon down here in Houston told Lurch not to pick up anything that weighs more than 10 pounds. (You can imagine Lurch's reply!) So my question is: how am I gonna get all that good new stuff out of your shop and into my house? :)


    Thanks for all your friendship, prayers and kind words of support this last week!

  11. love your stuff! Just found your blog. Texas must be the place for antiques and cleverly put together objet's art! Indiana kind of has dried up :-( Makes me sad cause I used to have an antiques booth myself and I know about the excitement. Keep it flowing!


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