Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Always Be Prepared

Are you ready for some shopping? Do you know what the Boy Scouts of America's moms do while the guys are learning to tie knots? The moms drop the fellas off and they go shopping. The maternal figures are the ones who coined the phrase "Always Be Prepared".

LaurieAnna's Serendipity Market is this Saturday, February 20 in Canton. Let's discuss preparation, shall we?

1. Start mapping out your stops along the way and back. Will you stop just north of Terrell at Primitiques en route? Go ahead and plan on a visit to Athens for a visit at Winnie & Tulula's? You know you want to.

2. Bring your truck and trailer. Roadtrip! You really should make a buying trip out of the day. It's wise. You want to be on the ball, don't you?
LaurieAnna's 9

(LauriaAnna's baseballs)

3. Money. Uh huh. You'll need that. Bring it.

4. Measurements. You know there's a space that needs filling in your home. You better plan ahead and know how it sizes up.

5. Set the alarm clock, have your tank filled and your trailer hooked up. You do not want to waste time driving while the stores are open. Primitiques Saturday hours are 8:30-3:00. Serendipity: 9:00-5. Winnie & Tulula's -10:00-5:00.
2010February13-14_W&T - Valentine Day 008

(clock, etc, at Winnie & Tulula's)

6. Let me help you. Here is a map with driving directions from one store to the next to the next. Just copy this and have your navigator (side kick, buying buddy) yell out directions between giggles, spilled coffee and u-turns.

I can tell you for sure. It's a pain to not be prepared. Or is that pane?The Pane of Windows

(Windows to be found at Primitiques - SOLD!)
Here's to good preparation and some great shopping this Saturday!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I bought a batch of baseballs at an outdoor sale and sold them immediately to a client that has a shop for a display - I love how they look - I have a thing for multiples myself! Stop by and visit some time, Jennifer

  2. I'm prepared...
    I'm prepared...

    coffee or margaritas? That's important info... both cause giggles...
    I want to go to LaurieAnna's and my favorite shopping spot Primitiques!!!

    Dang - I might have to rearrange my Saturday.

    ;-) robelyn

  3. i love the window panes.

    this is a super fun, funny blog!

  4. Great post. I missed the notice that said to go shopping after I dropped my son off at Boy Scout meetings though. If only I had known!


  5. FringeGirl. WHAT kind of mothers are in your pack? Sharing is one of the first rules, after Always Be Prepared. They disappear and fail to tell you they are shopping, huh? Not nice at all. Sorry to hear this. ~Mindy

  6. My friend and I were planning to go to Laurie's Serendipity Market, if Lynda does'nt have to be back at any certain time I would love to go to Primitiques!!! Sounds like a fun day of shopping!
    Hope to see ya soon.

  7. Ugh! I can't believe that I am going to miss out on this opportunity! I was in Houston yesterday and enjoyed some shopping and can't go back that way this weekend! :( Dang it!

  8. That's why I 'hire' sons to drop off at the meetings...ANY EXCUSE TO SHOP. have a fun dang time!ox
    p.s. do people come out if it snows/ices in Texas? cuz they DO NOT here. :(

  9. I need the tractor sprinkler in the first picture. Tell RNC she needs to bring it to me for a "surprise" :^)
    Hope you are having a good day!!


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