Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 2 of Chillin' in Poetry

It's like other people's vacation just have to suffer through them. Or not! But, won't you indulge me by looking at my pictures? What a difference a day of constant snowfall makes. Records have been broken in Texas!

Yesterday, as you may recall (check out the amount of snow on the fence):
Chillin' in Poetry
And this morning:
2010February12_Snow 001
Snow! Yesterday's chair and cot:
2010February11_Snow 005
This morning's chair and cot (notice the trees bowing with the weight of the snow):
2010February12_Snow 003
Yesterday's sitting area in the backyard:
Come sit a spell
Now check out the pile of snow on the chairs this morning:
2010February12_Snow 005
This has been fun! Heck, this is so much fun, wanna see a sneak preview of things going to Antiques Week at Zapp Hall in a few weeks?
2010February12_Snow 020
2010February12_Snow 022
And now, because you have humored me today, I will share some Redneck Snowmen I had the priviledge of "meeting" last night.
Bubba Snowmen
Bubba Snowmen
I love him, don't you?
Redneck Snowman
Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh My Gosh Mindy ..How fun is that to get snow ..since it's only a once in forever thing. Well your items headed for zapp hall are getting a little more tattered perfection to them LOL !!! I love the redneck snowmen ..that's quite some talent to make those !

    Enjoy your snowfall ...

    blessings ..Sara

  2. Oh My Gosh, those snowmen are SO FUNNY! looks just like my husband!
    the Red Shed

  3. Wow, I love the before and after pictures! And the snowmen are hilarious!

  4. Its been great, and the best snowman making snow I've seen in years. Love the pics, and those redneck snowmen are the funniest.


  5. I don't want to know what they are supposed to be sitting on, right?
    We had our little canvas gazebo collapse under the weight of the snow and one half of the lean to by the barn!

  6. ROFL, that second redneck snowman has moobs! ;-)

    Great pics, stay bundled up!


  7. I've never seen a Redneck snowman before ... thank God 'you guys' {y'all} don't get snow all that much ... I wouldn't want too many of those guys on the roads! Anne is right I see some 'moobs' ... too funny!! Thanks for the chuckle!


  8. Those redneck snowmen are hilarious! Hey, what's with the snow down in Texas? Up here in snow country (at least in Montreal) we haven't had any new snow for about a month and a half!

  9. hahahahahahahahahaha
    i love them all!!! you just can't beat a redneck, really... you can't 'cause then it would hurt.

    oh my... why the heck fire did I not get even one little dropping of that snow? geesh... i'm moving north.

    ;-) robelyn

  10. I love getting to see all your pictures, Molly would have had a blast in all that. We got none here.

    The redneck snowmen are so funny.


  11. Man, I lost my comment!

    Well, love your photos. Glad you're enjoying the snow. Those are great snowmen. You've got lots more snow than I do...isn't it crazy? I love it!


  12. Hi, Mindy: The redneck snowmen made me LOL!!! I had to post a link to both your snow posts on my snow post today!!! We Texans are experiencing snow like we never have before!!! Loved all your photos! Stay warm, Patti

  13. Wow ~ now that is some snow! I never thought I'd see the day when there was snow in every state but one. I like your redneck snowmen too, I think I've seen the men they were modeled from.
    Snowy Blessings!

  14. Looks more like Ohio than Texas. Hope you enjoy it! Amazing weather. We are expecting another 6" tonight here. Love the snowmen too.

  15. Those snowmen are hilarious! It snowed here a little, not too much...just enough to look pretty for a little while and then it melted away. Oh, and I can not hardly wait to see all your fabulous things at Zapp! It will be here soon!


  16. Wow. Beautiful. I'm so glad you got a taste of the white stuff. Best of both worlds for you. And soon it will be gone.


  17. LOL I got stuck at the Dallas airport that day, on my way home from Hawaii (I know, you feel sooo sorry for me, right?). I LOVE the redneck snowmen!


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