Wednesday, February 3, 2010


When asked, I love to give my opinion. Do you? Seriously. I thrive on it. I sit quietly and wait on the edge of my seat for folks to ask my opinion. So, if you are like me, this will be your kind of post.

I am looking at my blog page. It is so dang messy on the left side.

Does anyone actually look at the flickr pictures flashing around for Primitiques and W&T's over there? Somewhere, I have listed a link that you can click on to see my flickr pictures. And David's, too. So, I wonder. Am I being redundant, or are you happy to see those pictures flashing over there?

I just revised the "other blogs"section. It now shows the blogger and time of recent post. I removed the titles, cuz they are cluttery. I'm not asking for your opinion on this one. HA! Just pointing out what I'm doing, trying to clean up.

What else? Ok. Have at it. I know you want to. What do you use? Have you ever even looked over there, on the left side? Look now. Are you impressed or bothered by so much? What do you find helpful? The maps, I know are being used, so they will stay.

Now, I do know, for sure, without a doubt, that my readers like pictures. So, here's one.
2010February3_old trough 003
I plan to use this somewhere in my house tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.

For my facebook friends, if you'd like to view my full blog, go to and check it out. You know you like giving your opinion!

I look forward to your feedback.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I think your blog always remarkably clean and uncluttered, but what do I know? I'm a hoarder. :-)

    One thing, though...I read very recently that when you place all your "stuff" on the left side of your blog page, it takes longer for the page to load than if you placed it on the right side. It said that computers read from left to right, and if you group all your riff raff on your left, info has to travel through that before your page loads. Throw it on your right sidebar and your loads will be much faster.

    That's all I got for ya, if it helps.
    For what it's worth, I think it always has looked fab!


  2. I think that as long as there is at least one Flickr link, you should be okay. That way I know that if I wanted to find a certain photo of yours that I could easily find your Flickr page.

    As far as the sidebar, put the most important things or the things you want to emphasize at the top. It focuses readers' attention on those things.

  3. what fiona said - about the page loading .. and i love your blog .. love the clean look .. i like a white background .. and as i have made the rounds tonight .. there are a lot of people re-designing their blogs and opting for white backgrounds .. i prefer it, personally .. and i am anxious to see what you use that old trough for .. or is an old water heater tank split in two ??


    oh, and flickr .. i have a page there also, but hardly ever go there .. i tend to get sidetracked and end up searching for odd things ... like 'waco estate' .. or 'canton bargains' .. or stuff like that there .. and forget what i was doing ..

  4. This is so good. I want to start re-doing now. But, I'll wait to hear from everyone first. I'll have to see about the template I use...see if the right loading thingy is available. Good info. Since I am on dial-up (seriously), I appreciate the problem of slow loading.

    Amy, I do tend to switch the order of things, depending on what I think is more important at the time. And I think switching things keeps thing from being stale, huh?

    Good stuff! Thanks, y'all!

  5. I never thought your blog looked cluttered either. But it's always nice to change things up now and then. I like the other blogs change with just the name and looks good. Can't wait to see ya at Zapp this Spring!

  6. OHhh! I just realized, the "more blog reading" thing...if you click on the blog, you get their entire blog page, not just their most recent post. Hmm...if you use my links you might dislike that. I might, too. Since I am on dial up. hmmmm

  7. I didn't know about the left column causing slower loading, but I do know that my eyes are more comfortable with reading left to right, so my eyes like the "extra information column" being on the right. Does that count?

  8. Hello, I loveyour blog setup! I like being able to see your photoson flicker of your projects and w and t's. I can't wait to see what you do with your metal piece there!

  9. Ok. I'll have to work on customizing colors again...but, what do you think about this order of business?

  10. I've always found your blog very easy to read but I don't often go to flicker. That seems to take my computer a long time to download & since I have ADD I just can't wait it out. I love that trough-kind-of-thingy. Can't wait to see what you're doing with it. Jan

  11. Honestly, I rarely look at anything but the post--haven't really noticed the things on the left. I can't wait to see what you do with the rusty tin thingy.

  12. Mindy, I can't imagine what you are using that metal thing for! I can't wait to see though. You've got an amazing imagination. I like the sidebar on the right much better. I have used/looked at your sidebar before, but not often - truth. I think it's better now, cleaner and easier to look at. All in all, your blog always looks good and I do love your photos!


  13. I agree with those that never look to the left...kind of distracting.
    More to the point...that trough...flip it over, put holes in the rounded part and hang it up as a super cool hanging fixture!

  14. Okay...trough first. That thing rocks... put it on your coffee table and fill it up with cool stuff. LOLOL

    I'm not a good person to ask about the whole blog page thing... but I do know that yours is remarkably easy to navigate around. And I like the white background - but I liked seeing your flickr page 'cause I stalk you and David both on Flickr. LOLOLOL As for the blogroll - I like it with just the name and time stamp. I don't know... but I do like Anne's thing about left to right - and I like looking at your blog now with everything on the right! That's all I know - why are you asking me such hard questions with only one cup of coffee in my hand? Oh... and I'm all over lulu's suggestion about the light...
    but only do that after you take the junk out that I suggested at the top of this comment with only a few drinks of coffee in me.

    ;-) robelyn

  15. I love your look. I loved it before. I change mine ALL the time. So I am soo not the lady to ask but it looks great.

  16. you're so kind to wait to be asked for your opinion! note to self.....i should do more of that! i'm no one to give advice on the "look" of your blog...mine needs serious work! always seems to be a low priority! just keep doin' what your doin'! it works for me!

  17. I see you switched it up a bit, looks great!
    And I like the idea of hanging the trough upside down as a light fixture, too!


  18. It's kinda like playing house....just keep moving things around until it's pleasing to YOUR eye!

  19. Good point, Debbie!

    Thanks everyone for your input. It's always good to get feedback. I'm still working on a few things. But, overall, this is about it.

    It IS pleasing to my eye right now. Nice.

  20. This was a great post and all the comments were good too. I have people (not ones who have a blog) tell me all the time they just go to my blog and go to who I have and then click from there.. I need to update it and maybe minimize what I have for each one. I love the white it makes it easier to read.
    Thanks again Mindy and to imagine you do this with dial up!


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