Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Morning Exercise

You know shopping is my favorite form of exercise. So wanna see what I managed to run laps around this morning?

Isn't she lovely? She wasn't very heavy, but my heart beat fast when I picked her up.
I worked my arms, offloading all this thick, long bamboo. Can you imagine the possibilities with these 15-20' shoots?
2010February25_finds 009
And then, there was this cool can and large painting on canvas. I had to walk around a bit before I found them. Cardio. Uh huh.
2010February25_finds 020
And my trailer was loaded down, but I couldn't get any pictures at the right angle. Sooo, just imagine a green door with wavy glass, white chippy shutter doors, a kick booty garden chair, an industrial looking tub...oh hang on I have a pic of that....
Well, you get the picture. I am feeling soo fit after all that exercise today! *wink*

Happy Thursday!


  1. I want to see it all!! :) Love the tub, I want to plant in it right now!

  2. The painting looks like it's nice. Wow, that's the motherload of bamboo. You're right, endless possibilities. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    By the way, that's my kind of exercise!


  3. If you adopt a panda...come see me! I gotta a mess of bamboo on the back forty!

  4. Debbie, I had golden bamboo at my last house and I just loved it. It is the least invasive species. I don't remember yours...but, I do love me some bamboo. Perhaps I am part Panda?

    Becky, I'm thinking ice and water/sodas/adult refreshments. It has a drain hole for your plants or my drinks, either way.

    FringeGirl, see? Drop the scout off and go exercise! wink wink

  5. You've got enough bamboo for a giant party game of limbo! How low can you go? Or get a little fishing line and we could all go perch jerking!

  6. Mindy, you find the coolest stuff... The doll is sooooo cute!!! I have a small collection of vintage dolls, and a collection of doll heads, in our upstairs guest bedroom, although when we've had company they say the doll heads freak them out... I just think their cute!!!

  7. She IS lovely - and I believe I may have her long lost sister here in my guest room!

  8. Oh my gosh... I love the cool can!!! I know, you expected me to say the doll... and she rocks - but the can!!! And the bamboo!!! And the totally cool tub!!! Oh... you could put some cushions in the tub, pretty linens and make a crib for the doll!!!

    uh huh.

    I like it when you go shopping. LOLOLOL

    ;-) robelyn

  9. lovin the tub... yeah... have a fab weekend full of love and such...Lee

  10. I love your kind of workout, Mindy. p.s. that doll is fab!

  11. i'm exercising at my computer. you should see my long,
    limber fingers!

  12. Find all of these goodies at Canton? You ALWAYS find good stuff! You know what I need? I need to SEE IT ALL!!!

  13. Okay this is the deal. I'm going to join the same "health club" as you do in a few weeks when the weather gets a little warmer and the yard sales start!!! I've never looked forward to doing cardio like in the Spring and the Fall seasons of junking!!!!!
    You are so funny Mindy. I can only imagine how beautiful that green door and those chippy shutters are~

  14. Mindy, I had that same bride doll! Now, let me think about where she is. . . must find her TODAY.

  15. Where is she? Now, you've really got me hunting for my old bride doll. She's just like yours, painted fingernails and all, except that I think mine lost a couple of fingers somewhere along the way. I made her a new silk dress a few years ago, packed her away, and haven't seen her since. I do hope she didn't get lost in our last move.

    Also? I may or may not have "pierced" her ears with some very lovely pearled hat pins.

    She's stylin', that girl. Wherever she is. ;-)

  16. Heidi Ann and Jenera have my doll's twins? I guess that would make my doll a triplet, huh? Wow!

    Yup. All the exercise wiped me out this weekend! ~Mindy


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