Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Uniquely Different

What do you get when you take two creative, quirky, energetic ladies and mix in lots of bling and color and junk? And did I mention creativity? Throw the gals and their goods between four walls and you get Uniquely Different. This store and these ladies, Jenny and Kenda, are Fabulous!
Jenny's Space 006
They have got fun down to an art.
Jenny's Space 013
Want your cowboy boots customized? Bring 'em on in! These ladies will bling them up. Talk about character!
Jenny's Space 009
Variety, creativity, color. You can't miss by shopping with these gals. Wanna know where they are?
Jenny's Space 003
I'll tell you. But check out this fun jewelry.
Jenny's Space 018
Ok. I will tease you no more. Uniquely Different can be found at First Monday Trade Days. Yup. Canton. They are on Row 46, which is the old Paul Michael building. Jenny and Kenda said to come see them this Thursday through Sunday, 9am-6pm. Here are all the pictures I took while I was there last month.
Jenny's Space 005
Add them to your list of places to visit. And save room in your cart. You'll want one of everything!

ps. Jenny and I go back to a time before either of us could drive. She and my sister are best buds. If you ask her, I bet she would tell some tales!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I need to know these girls! Darling!

  2. Mindy, I can see you wearing those boots to a blog party at one of the shows. Really they are very talented ladies. Sandi

  3. Great stuff!


  4. Mindy...thanks for including us in your blog! I LOVE reading the comments..and I hope we get lots of new visitors this month. The weather should be good for shopping! When we're ready to sell "Charmaine" she's all yours! Jenny and Kenda

  5. love it all... let's say I would like a new pair of boots!!


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