Monday, November 2, 2009

There are Winners here...

Guess what. I had a contest last week. Nah. Don't bother looking back to read about it. I didn't tell you. Everyone was having contests and I didn't want to overwhelm you with another.

You see, August 25, I had my 1 year anniversary of blogging. Some of you may recall, I was busy readying myself for my first show at Warrenton. No time to even mention it. Today, you are reading my 300th post. I thought it would be fun to announce the winner of the Unknown Contest on my 300th post. Are you getting giddy? Could YOU be the winner?

What I like about blogging is that I can make up rules as I go along. I don't have to conform if I don't wanna. I have met and read about so many wonderful people here. I have over 100 followers and I know I don't do justice in keeping up with them with any type of regularity. I'd like to, but, I can't. Thank you for following me, even if I do seem to be a stranger on your blog sometimes. And thank you lurkers, as well. Some of you actually left comments in the last week, and I was tickled to enter you in this Unknown Contest.

I always appreciate your comments. And yes. I notice. Even when I don't tell you.

Wanna know details? Here's what I did. From my post Random Ramblings (Friday, 10/23) through my post Rust Dust (Friday, 10/30), I took note of all who commented through this morning around 9:30am. I not only took note. I wrote everyone's name and the date of their comment on a piece of paper. I excluded David, because I didn't wanna hear any whining about this being fixed. *wink* Anywho....I threw everyone else's names in a hat and I drew one.
Winners 004
Congrats to Debra @ Common Ground! I have not officially met Debra. But, I found her quite some time ago and her spirit just soars all day, every day, in each post. Check her out. She is one participating blogger.

This became a challenge, the Unknown Contest, when I realized that my blog posts go directly to my facebook page, as well. I have several supporters on facebook, and I felt it unfair if I left them out. And, since I am the one making up the rules here, I decided to have a second drawing with the folks who commented specifically on my blog notes during the same period.

Drum roll please...

Winners 007

What is up with the Debras?

I imagine at this point, most of you non-Debra people are hitting your back arrow and going to another post.

Does anybody wanna know what the D's won? Ok. Even I don't know what they won. Not exactly. Blog Debra, I looked for a wonderful lamb or sheep today on eBay. And then, I realized I was clueless. FB Debra, I don't even know what you would want. Well, you might want those white doves, but, um, so do I!

SOOOO, I am giving Debra and Debra the gift of a one year magazine subscription to one of my favorite magazines. This is my way of ensuring that y'all think warmly of me about once a month (when each issue is delivered. ha!) Your choices? Elle Decor Magazine. Veranda magazine. Better Homes and Gardens magazine. It is entirely up to you which y'all choose. Give me a holler and I'll get 'er done.

Y'all just never know when I might do this again. I certainly don't! But, thanks to everyone for reading my blog. And an extra thanks to those of you who leave comments. *hugs*

Congrats to the Debras!

Happy Monday!


ps. Fyi, you local folks. I am taking appointments for private shopping at my barn this week through Sunday. Holler if you are interested. Mostly smalls.


  1. My name is Debra too...where's my prize?
    I think this is a wonderful idea...keep 'em on their toes!

  2. Poor Trash! That's hilarious! Mindy, it's so funny because I was just getting back with you about the "lamb-offer" to tell you thanks and I'd take you up on it!!! Then I saw my name, Ya-hooo! I can't remember the last time I won ANTHING, and to think, I didn't even "enter" this one. You're such a smart, sly girl, Mindy. We will just never know WHAT you're gonna be up to! Thank you, Mindy. You are such a sweetie, and since I take Veranda and BHG I'll take you up on that awesome Elle Decor deal. I'll email you my address! Yippeeeeeeeee!

  3. Mindy,
    You are smart, sly and really sweet... Debra really deserves a treat. What a sweety pie.

  4. Debbie, see? You signed Trash. Maybe if you'd signed your Christian name, you'd have been picked. Hmm...We'll never know! haha

    Debra, Elle Decor it is. I think you'll like it. Congrats and thank you for always leaving such warm comments.

    Lee. Well, aren't you a sweetheart? Thank you!


  5. Oh, so glad I came by! Y'all just make me smile. Really, Mindy...I just love reading your blog and the comments, too! When you and Debbie get going, it is so funny!

    So, congrats to you! Your blogiversary and 300 posts that's big! You sneaky girl, you. Keep it up!

    Have a great night!

  6. That was very clever! I'm one of your new followers and enjoy stopping by. Congratulations on 300 posts!!

  7. Wow, 300! You're blogging at more than three times the pace I am. Kind of like our conversations, huh? *ducking* Just kidding, Jabber Jabber Jones! You know I love every sweet word of it!

    Congrats to the two Debras!

  8. You're too fun!...I'll be leaving a comment now just in case another contest is going on. ;) Hehe.
    Congrats on the 300th post!

  9. What a fabulous idea! I love it. But, seems only fair that you give Trash something....

  10. Hi Mindy

    Congrats on your 300th post thanks for stopping by and leaving notes for me. I'm new to this so it really add sunshine to my day. Glad we both love the bird:)

    Have a great week

  11. See? Everyone's in agreement...all Debras get something! That means I get to pick my prize (and not my nose for a change)...I think I pick you to set up by me in the spring, OK?

  12. Aww! Trash, I was starting to wonder if Sue was on your payroll or something! Isn't that sweet how they didn't win, but they want you to? These bloggers, I tell ya. And you pick me?! CD. Is that you? Did you slip Trash a mickey and take over the keyboard? Have you found a new dolly? I love y'all both and am excited about playing with you again in the spring. Maybe I'll get to witness the magic if I watch close enough.

    As for the rest of you nice peeps. Ha! Wasn't that fun? Indeed, Candy. Ya never know! I think we all thrive on comments. I guess it's just a good way of randomly saying thank ya.

    G'nite. ~Mindy

  13. Congrats to the Debra brigade!
    Off to the courthouse first thing tomorrow to change my name. ;-)
    And way to go on 300 posts!
    Love ya,

  14. LOL You're a NUT! Rust dust does that, huh? CONGRATULATIONS on your 300th post! Please DO continue Jabberin' away! HA!

    Congrats to BOTH Debra's!!! I'm changing my name...I'll even sew it on my overalls. I wanna be sneaky like you! LOL

    ;-) Robelyn

  15. Hey, congrats on one year and 300 posts!!! A surprise giveaway - I love that idea. How much fun!

    Congrats to the Debras.

    Oh, I did hear ya when you asked to see kitchen pictures, but I just feel like it's still too scary to photograph. Seriously, this is taking us longer than expected or probably necessary, but that's life I guess. I'll give updates soon. Promise!

  16. Congrats on 300 posts! I am going to start singing as Debra!
    Denis AKA Debra

  17. Congratulations, Debra!!

    Happy junkin',

  18. Great idea. Guess we will all have to work on posting more you never know what you might win. ;) LOL


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