Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Licious Lamp

Licious isn't a word, is it? When I first laid eyes on this lamp, I was told that is was funkalicious. On first look, it was ornate-a-licious. Maybe too much-a-licious. This is what it looked like with the shade it came with. Elegant-a-licious. Nice-a-licious. Ok-a-licious.
2009November18 013
I got my hands on another shade and this right here, folks, is funk-a-licious! Fab-u-licious! De-licious!
2009November18 015
I love it!

Perhaps you prefer the more elegant? Which licious lamp do you like best? Or is it too oddilicious? Not-a-licious you?

A shout out to Debra at Common Ground. She sent some goodies my way this week, including this awesome necklace. I love it, don't you?Debra's Creation

The lady has got skillz. Thank you, Debra. Bloggy love rocks!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. LOVE the new's just what the lamp doc ordered.:-) Tami

  2. Thank you Mindy, I'm so glad you like my little token of bloggy-love. Wow, the lamp... Let's say it's so much more funk-a-licious with the 2nd shade, but the first one made it more barf-a-licious, now that is a gaggy term. ha ha!

  3. That is some lamp!

    I love the neclace.

  4. The second shade is a big improvement!

  5. Great lamp and I like the second shade.

    I love the necklace Debbie made for you, what a sweet lady. sandi

  6. C...C! Oh, wait, that is my OLD bra size! Anyway, I love the last one! I have to know your find the best things!


  7. I'd have to say it's kick bootilicious! I'm digging the second shade.

  8. i agree - the second shade is a big big improvement - hope you kept the other shade though - it has it's mate somewhere -

    would look great with one of those elegant column style lamps -


  9. are nuts-a-licious!
    Love the second shade, and love that Debra. She's a keeper!

  10. Okay's my turn.

    I wish it was MINE-a-licious! That is some kick ass-a-licious lamp! Girl....I am sooo jealous.

    And as for Debra? Well...I'm even more jealous.

    I think I'm going to move on to your last posts and catch up with all I've missed last week.

    I can't stand it...I'm going straight to hell.

    everything vintage

  11. The second shade gets my vote. I'll take two of those please.
    Debra... nothing common about her.

  12. Thanks, everyone for playing along. That was fun-alicious! It's good to know we're all on the same page regarding that second shade. Whew!

    Troy, I don't throw anything away. Of course, I saved the other. It might make a cute tree topper, or something?

    Malisa, at some point in time, I am quite sure I've mentioned this source. Just read through all of my old posts. ha!

    Debbie, I wish I'd come up with kick bootilicious! Perfect! ~Mindy

  13. I think it's redneck-a-licious...that's just what I'm thinkin'!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new shade - it's like you found the lamp and shade JUST FOR ME!!! You're SO SWEET to me... I'm feelin' sewwwwwwwwwwww spoilt! HA!

    Deb's necklace ROCKS! If I send her keys you think she'll bling 'em out for me? Hmmmm....

    I'm going to go make a french nurses' uniform out of some cream colored fabric that used to be a pillow cushion cover.

    Adios! (Oh crap, wrong language.)

    Have a good one!!! Seriously - LUVIN' the lamp!!! It's mindy-licious!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  14. Robelyn, your cryptic comments totally crack me up! I wondered if you would catch my cryptic photo, and indeed you did. Debra is a sweetheart. She said she is addicted to blinging stuff. Give her a holler.

    Now, I just have to decide. Sell the lamp at W&T's or Primitiques? Hmmmm... ~Mindy

  15. risk of over-liciousing this site...I also vote for the second shade. Great lamp with either, but the second makes it perfect. What a great find. And I also posted a response to your question on my blog. The blue thing you asked about is an old metal dormer. It is great! Have a great week.

  16. ortopolicious --- over the top! lol.

  17. Licious is the word for that lamp! And wow, lucky find on the new shade for it, that just is the icing on the cake!

  18. Are you smiling? I'm finally catching up with you. I feel the lamp should really be a bird bath or with a upturned old light shade you know what I mean? anyways its cute in a weird way I think. Smiling now? :)


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