Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The beginnings of Christmas

Did I mention that I wanted a brown Christmas tree this year? Well, I did. But the one I found and liked was not in my budget. Yesterday, I found this green tree at a thrift store. I like the size. 9 foot. The fullness is great with lots of places to hang ornaments. Not too wide, but not really a pencil tree. And in my budget. Yea!
2009November10 002
If you squint your eyes in a low light setting, you will see that it has bark on the trunk.

2009November10 003
I was all kinds of excited at the thrift store when we plugged it in and all the lights worked. Yee haw!

Now. Look back at the top picture. See the lack of full lighting? Apparently, the ride home caused some rebellion and the lights don't want to work for their new owner. I guess I'll get the ladder out and start playing, sweet talking and wiggling the wires/bulbs. Ugh. I feel like I am living an episode of Seinfeld.

Today, I stopped by a different thrift store and saw these twins.
Off White Trees
What color, exactly, is that? Reckon their lights work?

I like this print. The back is lined with newspaper dated 1972. Nope. It's not very old (said the 40 something year old blogger). But, it's cool!
Vintage Christmas Print
While standing in line at another thrift store, I got bored and started taking pictures of my soon to be purchases. A bag of gold rope.
2009November10 011
I'm loving the colors of these ornaments.
2009November10 012
How's your shopping going? When the time comes, I hope your lights work for you. Every single one of 'em.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Girl, you know around the Casita de Trash, Cat Daddy says my porch light is on, but there's no one home!
    You really should go back and get that pair of trees for W&T's. What a great vintage statement they would make! Hurry!!!

  2. I love your tree!!!
    Very jealous.
    I think the color of the trees is beige-y?
    baby puke yellow?
    I dunno....but I love your finds!!

  3. Debbie. You are so right. I just kept looking and thinking "cat urine". But, I could make them work, couldn't I? I was in the pathfinder. Will take my Ford to W&T's tomorrow and try to swing by after. hmmm There are not enough hours in the day.

    Angelique. Baby puke yellow. That might be nicer than feline urine. I'm glad you like my new tree! Now if I could just get those lights working! hmmmm

  4. I love "finds" like these. Somehow it makes it almost OK for burned out lights when you find a treasure. OK ~ here's the question...Why a brown tree? Or did I miss a joke or something?

  5. Katie, it's not a joke. I got it in my head at the end of the season last year. Then I saw one. But it wasn't for sale. Then some dealers I know have one, but it's expensive. And truth be known, not as full as I might prefer. Can you imagine white balls popping off a chocolate brown tree? I thought it sounded delicious. But, alas. I will be more traditional this year. Maybe!

  6. I love your new tree... and oh the potential... Heaven smiled on that one!

  7. Ok, so I like the twin trees. I was wondering if you bought them. They look like a beige color, I'm sure they'd sale in a heart beat here in Portland.
    You found some great items Mindy!

  8. Mindy....Love your new tree! I've been looking for a tall skinny one for years. I did (think) I bought one, saw it in the store and it looked right, but when I got it home I realized that apparently they hadn't 'fluffed' it out..and obviously I did!
    Stop over and sign up for my give-away girlfriend! Only a couple more days left!
    Tami E.

  9. Love your christmas finds. It will soon be time to hit my local goodwill again. Can't wait.
    Remember last year????

  10. you have so got to go back and get those tree. They rock, you could even add some glitter to them to give them more vintage look like the little bottle trees. Good finds.
    Yes you are right no boss monitor my internet and late night feedings give me way more time to comment on others. Makes me almost feel like I am still in contact with the outside world. LOL

  11. I wish we could have a tree, but since we've had Winnie aka Spastikitty, a Christmas tree is a definite no-no. So be sure to get ALL those trees on behalf of the less fortunate among us!

  12. I like the new tree! Very nice, baby! I'm sure those lights will start working once you sweet talk them. That always works on me, anyway! ;-)

  13. Ha! Forget that tree....get to work on David!!!

    It is a good tree though, ps. :)

  14. LOLOL I keep seeing you in my mind humming "you light up my life" while fiddlin' 'round with the bulbs...

    You opera singer you.

    Okay - LOVE the new tree!!! I hope you're not reading this right now because you are out GRABBING THE TWO (cream? yellow? cat-like?) ROCKIN' TREES!!!

    ;) robelyn

  15. RNC, lets pay her a visit and swipe the two cream colored trees!!!!
    Hmmmmmwhere in the world is Poetry Texas??!!

  16. Love your new tree! You should definitely get those twins! :)

  17. OK, that tall skinny tree is my favorite! I'm a sucker for trees like that! And that picture is pretty nice, too. Things never do slow down for you, do they Mindy?

    Keep having fun.

  18. Can't believe the good stuff you found! Awesome. Can't wait to see what you do with everything.

  19. Did you get the Cream twins, I think I am liking them! Janna


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