Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who has time to breath?

I barely do. Now that the Christmas Remembrance Open House at Winnie & Tulula's has been a huge success, I am focusing on the Open House at Primitiques. It is this coming Saturday. Are you coming?

Here is your personal invitation:
Primitiques Christmas Open House Invitation
David has his W&T's slideshow up. If you want to see the slideshow, just go to his blog here. To view without the slideshow, click here. Enjoy!

I am out the door to work some magic at Primitiques. Maybe I'll work on breathing while I'm there. And yes. My favorite elf will be with me. Maybe he'll take some pictures while we're there.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I will try my best to get there!! Can't wait to see what you have!!!

  2. Dang... now I have a mental of David in pointy shoes w/lil' jingle bells on the tips and you in a santa hat...

    a camo one. oh, and your hat is rigged up with a respirator just in case you stop to take a deep breathe... then forget to start again.

    that happens sometimes.

    I can't wait to see the Poetry version of Christmas Wonder Land!!!

    now some chug...

    ;-) robelyn

  3. I'm with Robelyn...just breathe between swigs!
    David's pix look wonderful. I've already borrowed a few and let my readers know they are up!

  4. Great! I'm just going over to check out the photo's...

    I've been decorating my house the whole weekend and I'm pooped myself. Hey, have a good week and don't work too hard! Andrea

  5. Wow...I thought I was busy! You posts are did some amazing stuff. I sure wish I could come by and visit this weekend, but having a party at my house. Probably would not be good for the host not to be there. Have fun and get some rest...sometime.

  6. Where do you find the energy to get all decked out for another open house just a week after W&T??? Girl, you are A-MA-ZING!
    Tell the truth, it's the 'nog, right? That's where you get your super-human energy? ;-)

  7. Just keep drinking eggnog.....
    it will keep you numb and very happy!!!!

    I will try my hardest to pursuade the Divine Mr. M to chauffer me once again...:)

  8. Everything looked beautiful! David took some great pics! Sure wish I could have been there!


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